This week our Link Roundup starts off by looking at the new job market numbers, before heading into some helpful job search advice. What’s great about the links this week is that almost all of them are backed by data from surveys. So instead of taking advice on mere speculation, there is actually some evidence to back it up! In addition, we also have a link to America’s Best Employer of 2017 as determined by Statista and Forbes. There are plenty of links with great advice, so read on!

U.S. Had Record 6 Million Job Openings, Even As 6.8 Americans Are Looking For Jobs

It’s a great time to be a job seeker, for the most part. Unemployment has hit a 16 year low, and it’s certainly a candidate’s market. You may wonder then, why there are still 6 million jobs open, and 6.8 Americans that are looking for employment. Since there are so many jobs open, qualified candidates can have their pick of the openings. However, there is a disparity between what jobs are open, and the type of jobs unemployed Americans are looking for. If you’re looking for more insight as to why this difference exists, definitely check out the full article.

Don’t Follow Your Passion in Choosing Your Career

Contradicting a common career philosophy, this blog is definitely worth a look. From the title, you may expect the article to state that following your passion will lead to a path of joblessness and poverty, but this isn’t the case. Instead, it’s a very intriguing retrospective about why it’s smart to follow your talent and skill initially, instead of passion. For any recent college graduates, this is a great counter point to some of the overly inspirational speeches. If you’re looking for a more practical viewpoint to balance them out, this is it.

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Job When You Can’t Change Your Job Title

If you’ve found yourself pigeonholed by your job title, changing it might not be the only way out. Instead, consider a ‘role negotiation’. This Fast Company article has some great suggestions to upgrade your responsibilities, if not your title. While a title change may have the perk of standing out on a resume, greater responsibilities can do the same. What’s great about this article is it doesn’t just suggest a process, it actually breaks down steps to achieving it as well!

Costco Named America’s Best Employer 2017

Forbes has partnered with Statista, and harnessed their data to determine America’s Best Employer of 2017. It is important to make the distinction that the companies in question are those with greater than 5,000 workers in the United States. You may be surprised by some of the companies topping the list, so we won’t spoil it for you here. This Forbes article has visually displayed the Top 10 employers in a nifty infographic. However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of the Top 200, that can be found here.

Job Applicants Are Ruining Their Chances By Doing This During the Interview

There are many ways to make or break an interview. It’s especially easy to get caught up in what you say, considering you’re answering so many questions. However, how you present yourself is just as important, although it’s oft overlooked. A recent study composed of 300 senior managers determined that 30% of candidates exhibit negative body language during their interview. It’s easy enough to trip up when speaking, but it’s even more unfortunate to lose the opportunity because of something like eye contact or posture. Check out the full article to make sure you act and look right for the interview!

6 Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

One of our previous blog posts discussed why your resume should be a living document. In that blog, we broke down why you should, how to, and what the payoff is. This article from one of the Forbes Coaches Council members, you can see even more of the value. Updating your resume has more benefits than just being quicker on the draw when applying for the right job. It also helps you develop personally and professionally.

LinkedIn Will Now Rewrite Your Profile For You

Trying to write a career summary can be frustrating whether it’s going on your LinkedIn profile, or your resume. It’s no surprise then, that LinkedIn has developed a tool to help job seekers compose that summary. It even does most of the work for you! Although the suggested summary is pretty basic, it’s usually those first few words that are the most challenging. It seems like the suggestion is only open to new users, but more can be read about the feature from the Official LinkedIn Blog.