Welcome back to another weekly link roundup. Whether you’re a job seeker, employer, or employee, there is certainly something for you here! This week’s links largely revolves around common job search mistakes, job negotiation, as well as the changing career landscape. If any of those topics have piqued your interest, check out the links below.

Here’s What You Need to Negotiate at Each Stage of Your Career

This article is a great starting point, because it can offer advice to anyone no matter where they are in their career. This ‘4 minute read’ points out areas to focus on when negotiating at every step during your career. Read it over to make sure you’re not missing an opportunity.

3 Scary Conclusions About Your Job Search That You’re Jumping To Way Too Early

This article and the one following are both great resources for new job seekers. If you’re fresh on the job market and find yourself getting nervous, check out this article. It just might squash your unnecessary worrying so you can go into your next interview confident.

Job or Internship Hunting? Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes

Younger generations hitting the job market for the first time have quite an uphill battle because of one factor: social media. Many younger professionals haven’t taken the role it plays into consideration for their job search. Click through to make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot on Facebook.

5 Simple Mistakes That Could Derail Your Job Search

This article draws from a recent Career Builder study that digs deep into the common missteps of job seekers. The biggest mistakes are often corrected easy to correct. You’d be surprised the difference a simple thank you card can make.

How to Get a Job: 9 Easy Steps to Stand Out From the Crowd

This job seeking guide from Mark at Job Seekers Coach is extremely comprehensive. It discusses almost every aspect of the job hunting process. Resumes, job ads, and much more is covered here. Follow this guide and you’ll be well on your way to landing your next job.

Announcing the Candidates Choice Awards, the 2016 Best Places to Interview

We’ve talking in a previous link roundup about the companies that are the best places to work, with the highest work/life balance. What about the process everyone has to go through as an employee? Interviewing plays a crucial role in the hiring process, and these companies are the best at it.

5 Rising Industries Offering Jobs with Flexible Work Options

Many large forward thinking companies have adapted a work schedule approach that starkly contrasts the 9 to 5. If you’re someone who performs better with flexibility in your work schedule, check out this article. These 5 industries are beginning to offer more diverse work options.

The Answer to ‘Can I Change My Job Title on My Resume to Make it More Accurate?’

If you’ve been in your career for sometime, it’s likely that you’ve been less than happy with your job title. For a variety of reasons, it’s common to have a job title that misrepresents you as an employee. This can be frustrated working in a position, and especially so when you begin to look for other job opportunities. Being framed wrong by a job title could affect your job search. This article offers some advice about resolving this issue. If you still want more insight into job titles and what they mean to you and your employer, check out a previous blog post we did on the subject.

That’s it for this week! We hope these blog and articles serve you well, and keep you from making some incredibly common mistakes. We’ll be taking a brief hiatus from our roundup next week, but will return on August 19 with links more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Until then, Happy Friday!