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The hiring landscape is constantly changing and job seekers have to consistently adapt to stay ahead. This week, we’ve focused our Link Roundup on all you need to know to get hired in today’s workforce. We also have some advice for when you do get hired as well, in addition some more lighthearted links. If you’re looking to stay current on workforce trends, this is the place to start!

Why You Need Both a Resume and a Strong LinkedIn Profile

One of the biggest changes in human resources in the last ten years is LinkedIn arriving as a standout force. It’s now become a mainstay not only for professionals looking to network. It’s also one of the largest and most popular recruiting platforms. To truly have the best chance possible in the current job market, having a stellar resume isn’t enough. Now you need to have a LinkedIn profile that complements that resume. Your resume should be short and sweet, whereas your LinkedIn profile can be incredibly more descriptive. This article acts as a great guide to balancing both.

How to Know When You’re on Thin Ice at Work

If you’ve noticed a recent shift in how your boss treats you, you may be on ‘thin ice’. Unfortunately, many employees fail to realize when they’re close to being shown the door. This stems from a core misunderstanding of how their performance is being judged, and what their boss’s true expectations are. This is an interesting read for anyone in management, as it underlines a dangerous disconnect that can easily occur in most workplaces. It also outlines the telltale signs of being on ‘thin ice’ for anyone who thinks they may be.

4 Epic Stories of People Quitting Their Job in Public

Planning an over the top exit from your place of employment? You may want to consider the ramifications of what could happen after. Thankfully there are some lessons to be learned from others who have quit in a rather public fashion. Marching bands and blow up slides are involved in two of the four dramatic exits. One of the employees was slapped with a nasty $10,000 fine, so you may want to take that into account if you plan making a big spectacle of quitting. Usually the best approach is two weeks notice and help in transitioning out- it keeps everyone happy and should leave you with a great reference or two!

Hot to Apply for a Job You’re Overqualified For

It’s not uncommon for professionals to take a step down in terms of their job level. It could be to find a better work/life balance, or a result of switching careers. Whatever the reason, it’s tough to get a call back when you seem overqualified for the position. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to overcome the ‘overqualified’ mindset some recruiters may have.

Demanding a Bachelor’s Degree for a Middle-Skill Job Is Just Plain Dumb

One of the other big shifts is that the job market is very much candidate driven. With unemployment so low, many hiring managers are struggling to fill positions. Despite this, many are sticking to strict requirements, which is hurting their talent pool. Painting in broad brushes on job descriptions means that many jobs are listed requiring Bachelor’s Degrees, despite the qualifications of current employees telling a different story. Anyone looking to get a better understanding of the state of the job market should check this article out.

Dream Job or Nightmare? Which of These Jobs Scares You?

To take a break from the more serious topics, this blog compares everyone’s unique outlook on different industries. One person’s dream job could be someone else’s nightmare! Based on that thought, the author set out to find out what some respondents ‘nightmare jobs’ would be. The results are entertaining, and interesting!

10 Crucial Changes You Need to Make to Your Resume When You’re Not Entry-Level Anymore

A changing job market means different expectations from resumes as well. This article from Business Insider looks at how to update an entry level resume to account for more experience. Many of the changes highlight that shift, but just as many of them change out old practices. So this is a great read particularly for someone transitioning out of being entry level, but it also has some great advice for anyone else looking to refine their resume.

That’s it for this week! The job market is constantly changing, and we’ll continue to do our best to keep you up to date on all the ways that it is changing. Check back again next week for a new set of links!