Networking tends to get a bad wrap. However, it is how we expand our reach, create friendships, build trust and gain new business. Find out different ways to network and how to make it more enjoyable for all personality types, in this week’s round of links, below!

Connecting: Tell It with a Story

When you want to connect with someone, connect with a story. Telling a story involves emotion and allows the listener to relate to you. Take the experiences you’ve been through and put YOUR personal touch on them. For example: growing up in a busy city isn’t as exciting as that ONE story you have about growing up in a city and how it displays what it was really like for you! Read more for how to story-tell your way into networking, here!

You Don’t Have to Be the Loudest Voice in the Room to Make an Impact

There is a lot to be said for an extrovert in the workplace. They’re vocal, proactive and they love the spotlight! But that doesn’t take away the positives of being introverted in the workplace. Introverts can actually have just as much of an impact in the office and in networking. Entrepreneur provides six points on how introverts can tackle the professional world with confidence!

4 Reasons You Don’t Like Networking (and 4 Better Options You Will Like!)

Instead of dreading networking events, what if you switched your thinking to make it less daunting? Not everyone enjoys networking, but it can be a positive and enjoyable experience if you go into it with the right mindset! Check out four reasons you don’t want to attend a networking event and alternate ideas to make it enjoyable. Truthfully, they’re all thoughts you probably have thought before.

Networking And Job Hunting Advice For People Over 50

Age is nothing but a number. And even though it seems the older you get the younger everyone else feels, there is a place for everyone in the workforce. Knowing how to approach these situations and having suggestions on how to go about it can make job searching and networking a little easier. Read more to find out the advice, here!

3 Underrated LinkedIn Features You’ll Want to Focus On In 2019

Are you utilizing your social networking platforms? Online networking is a great way to meet people and create relationships, starting with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still one of the most frequently used platforms when it comes to businesses. Check out these features that you may be missing out on, here!

Networking Myths Dispelled

Still skeptical about networking events? In this podcast recording, David Burkus, a professor at Oral Roberts University and author of the book Friend of a Friend, explains common misconceptions about networking. You can even listen to it on your drive home from work today!


How has networking strengthened your career? Do you have any extra networking tips that have helped you? Share your stories by commenting below!