2016 being washed away in the sand from ocean waves.

Welcome to our first Link Roundup in the New Year! Since the year has finally turned, there is a lot of great advice out there about how to be a better job seeker in 2017. We’ve gathered the very best links this week and put them all in one place for you to read from!

What to Remove From Your Resume in 2017

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, a resume should be a living document. This means that it changes and adds new skills constantly, just like you. If you haven’t updated your resume in a year, there are likely many trends and styles present on it that are now not current. Check out this link to keep your resume fresh in 2017.

How to Work Only 40 Hours a Week This Year

If you’re someone who is constantly wondering how they wind up working extra hours, this article is your answer. It’s okay to put in some extra work to get the job done, but nobody should be exceeding 40+ hours every week. This article from Fast Company should help you optimize your work load to make it fit in your normal work hours.

8 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Job Search

While an out of date resume is no good in your job search, it’s not the only way you could be hurting your search. This article covers a few simple errors you may making without knowing it. Once you’re aware, they are an easy fix. Make sure you’re being smart in your job search.

Top Resume Trends or How to Start New Year with New Achievements

This link is somewhat similar to the first one we shared with a slight twist. Instead of listing old trends for you to phase out, this link looks at the new trends you should adapt. Through the combined strength of these two links, you should have a very strong resume to go into 2017 with.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Job Search

If you’re going into 2017 feeling that your job search is lacking, this is a good place to start. The article’s first suggestion is to update your resume, which can be done with the previous links. This article offers up some additional suggestions that may have slipped your mind to do. Check it over if you think it may benefit you.

U.S. Jobless Claims Fell Sharply in 2016’s Final Week

Some optimistic news continues the narrative we saw towards the end of 2016- full employment. The numbers have only risen slightly, meaning employers have maintained a steady flow of hiring new candidates, and providing raises to worthy internal employees. While ‘full employment’ may not cover you, it still means that employers are struggling to find qualified candidates. The power is in the hands of the candidates.

9 Common FAQs for Job Seekers

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a new job, at least one of these questions has crossed your mind. None of the questions will make or break your job search, but knowing the answers will certainly help you out and benefit your search.

21 Sentences You Should Never Include in an Email for Any Reason Ever

Lastly, we have a link that should be useful to anyone currently employed. If you work in an office setting, or anywhere that mainly uses email for interoffice communication, this infographic is for you. There are some things that shouldn’t be said in e-mails. You’d be surprised how common some sentences are used in email that are unnecessary, unspecific, and rude. Look over this infographic to make sure you have a handle on what is email appropriate.