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This week we have a wide variety of informational articles and blogs for both job seekers and professionals looking to improve their career. We start off this week with some news about the job market, before moving onto more general career and job search advice. Resumes, interviews, job titles, and LinkedIn are all covered, so if any of those topics interest you, read on!

Minimum Wage and Job Loss: One Alarming Seattle Study Is Not the Last Word

When there was a big push to increase minimum wage, Seattle was an early adopter. They hiked the minimum wage, and subsequently monitored the effects it had on the job market. In June, the results were released, and they were less than spectacular. Although many were quick to cry out that this is the cost of hiking minimum wage, other disagree. This article offers an interesting counterpoint to what may be a surface level conclusion of a deeper problem. Different states will make different decisions, so it will be interesting to see how this develops as news comes out.

It’s Never Been Harder to Fill a Job in America

Deutsche Bank recently published a chart visualizing the days it takes to fill a job in America, over the past few years. Last year, that number was 28 days. Based on this new chart, 2017 has hit 31 days, the longest recorded time to fill a job. As we have discussed in previous Link Roundups, the U.S. is incredibly close to full employment, which means it’s more challenging than ever to find qualified candidates. It will be interesting to see how long candidates hold the advantage.

How to Ask for the Job Title You Deserve

Whether you’re starting or new job and continuing your current one, there may come a point where you want to update your job title. It could be because your responsibilities have changed, or because you are looking to grow. Having a conversation about changing a job title can be tough, especially if it’s been that way for awhile. This article will help you walk through your own reasoning, as well as prepare for the conversation with your boss.

5 Illegal Job Interview Questions (& What To Do If You’re Asked One)

There are certain topics that just shouldn’t be discussed in interviews. In addition, there are also some topics that can’t be discussed in interviews because they are illegal. Most questions regarding relationship status, family, religion, and disabilities are. However, that doesn’t prevent some employers from asking them. You’re not required to answer those questions in any capacity, but if you want a polite way to respond, this article provides plenty of ammunition.

Don’t Start Your Job Search Without This Checklist

Check lists are important. They help us remember what groceries to buy, and what clothes to bring on vacation. They can also be a great help when conducting a job search. This checklist is far from comprehensive, but it hits all of the important points for anyone re-entering the job market. If you’re starting your job search and feel like you need some direction, this is a big help.

10 Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Old

While I would’ve opted to title the article ‘Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Out of Date’, both work (although one is less polite). These 10 resume mistakes will seriously date your resume, and at the very least make it seem like it hasn’t been updated in awhile. Not only could it make you look old, it may also make you look less qualified.

When Is An Unpaid Internship Illegal? [Infographic]

Internships supposedly offer up entry level opportunities to college students and graduates. However, how many of them actually pay off? An unpaid internship is sold on the value of the experience, so if that experience isn’t worthwhile, why bother? This infographic from the wage advocates looks at the statistics of hiring interns. In addition, it also breaks down when an unpaid internship becomes illegal. If you’re considering accepting or applying to an internship, you may want look this over first.

4 Reasons I Almost Accepted Your LinkedIn Request, But Didn’t

Recruiters are certainly no strangers to ignored LinkedIn requests, but so are job seekers. With 48% of employers stating that their best hires come from referrals, it’s understandable to take the networking approach to find a job. However, it can be tough to form those connections when no one is connecting with you on LinkedIn. If your requests are being turned down more often than not, you may be making one of the faux pas listed in this article.

That’s all we have for this week! The United States are currently in a very unique situation with the job market, much in favor of candidates and job seekers. As always, we’ll keep an eye out for any further news and add it to the next Link Roundup. Check back next week for more job search and career growth advice as well!