On average, you probably spend 1/3 of your day at work. Which means enjoying your workspace is extremely important. We’ve compiled ways to decorate, declutter, and DIY your cubicle to fully spruce up your workspace. Check it out!

17 Items That Will Immediately Make Your Boring Cubicle Feel Very, Very Cool

“Did you know that cubicles were considered liberating when they were first designed in the 1960s?” Let’s get back to that. Here’s a list of 17 items that you can use to spruce up your cubicle and liberate yourself. Check them out.

7 Cubicle Organization Tips that Will Transform Your Desk

Adding items to your cubicle to spruce it up is a good start, but what’s even better? Organizing all of the stuff you already have. If you were to take inventory of your desk right now – you probably have an unprecedented amount of documents and items that you don’t need. Here are 7 tips to organize and transform your desk, today.

10 Decor Ideas to Give Your Basic Cubicle Actual Personality

You’ve cleaned, you added some new items to your cubicle, now it’s time to decorate. “Take inspiration from these insanely cute cubicles, or try some of these desk DIYs to help your space feel a little less basic”.

Tips for Good Work and Office Feng Shui

What IS Feng Shui? Does it really work? How do you implement “good” Feng Shui? This article gives you all the tips on how to obtain a good “Feng Shui” space.

35+ Masculine Home Office Ideas & Inspirations

We can’t forget the masculine spaces! Of course, if you’re in an office, you don’t have the same sort of flexibility as home offices – however, these images will give you plenty of inspo and ideas on what to add to your space. Whether you go sleek, classic, or load up on memorabilia; there are styles of ALL sorts. Here are a few bonus extras.


How do you spruce up your space?!