So you’ve had your job interview, and you feel that it went well. Now that it’s over you wonder how long you’ll have to wait to receive a response. Do you call? Do you send an email? What do you say? What’s the best form of contact for following up and thanking the hiring manager/recruiter for meeting with you? We’ve compiled a post-interview ‘Thank You’ guide with all the answers to your questions, below.

5 Reasons to Send Thank You Letters Now More Than Ever

First, we should start with why sending a thank you letter after your interview is important. Is it necessary? Do the hiring managers/ recruiters read the thank you letter? Here are 5 reasons you should send a letter, like providing yourself with the opportunity to re-connect. Check it out.

Thank You Email After an Interview

The next type of thank you that is acceptable to send is an email. If you’re wondering what the benefits are of sending a thank you email and are looking for some guidance on what not to say or do – this one is for you.

How to Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates!)

What will help your chances of being considered? If you’re looking for some template examples that you can use to get an idea of how to word your thank you/follow up, here are some templates that you can work from.

Unique Ways to Follow Up After A Job Interview

Want a few quick, simple, yet different ways to follow up post-interview? If you want to do something other than writing an email, this one is for you. One of these options you probably have not even thought about. Find out here!


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