Overworked man asleep at his desk.

It’s entirely possible to be great at your job and still fall behind. You may be produce great material, but not be efficient at doing so. Or perhaps you constantly get distracted by workplace politics. It’s completely normal to have some conflict at the office, but knowing how to deal with it will keep you on task. There are also a few small changes you can make to be more productive. This week’s Link Roundup is dedicated to fixing those two issues at work. If you’re interested, check out the links below for advice!

20 Tips for Getting More Done Every Day

Are you working a 40 hour week but feel like you’re getting nothing done? If so, there are likely a few simple changes that should help you be more productive. These 20 tips are easy to implement for the most part, but could make a big difference. You don’t realize how much time you spend on social media until you close it out at work! Also if you get enough sleep each night, it should help you get more done at a time. Check out the link for more tips like those!

7 Tricky Work Situations, and How to Respond to Them

Have you ever caught yourself in a situation at work you wish you didn’t have to deal with? It’s incredibly common. Whether it’s the result of coworkers, your boss, or your workload, there are some situations at work that seem impossible to approach. Thankfully you don’t have to figure these out on your own! The Harvard Business Review has put together a list of 7 common sticky situations at work. Giving negative feedback, telling your boss you can’t stay late and other tough situations are all covered here!

You’re Taking Breaks The Wrong Way, Here’s How to Fix That

Have you ever pushed through a whole day of work without taking a break? While it may have been an attempt to be the most productive you could possibly be, it’s a misguided approach. While it means temporarily putting down work, breaks actually increase productivity! Going too long without one can cause burnout and make mistakes increasingly likely to happen. Take breaks, and use this article to make sure you’re using them the best way possible.

How To Deal With 7 Uncomfortable Situations You’ll Face In Your First Job

In this link we have another set of tough situations at work. This time however, they’re situations that will crop up when you start your first job. As a first time employee, these situations can be tough to approach, especially since you’re new to the workforce. You don’t have the benefit of instincts that come with experience. In lieu of those instincts, you can check out this link!

31 Ways to Make Email Suck Less

Despite the myriad of other forms of communication that have been developed since it’s inception, e-mail remains the top way for employees to communicate. It’s also one of the biggest time sinks across most professions. Have you ever lost an entire morning to going through your e-mails? If so you’re not alone. Thankfully with a few shortcuts and functionalities you may not know about, you can make your e-mail much less stressful to deal with.

5 Ways To Prioritize Your Job Search When You’re Still Employed

When job searching, it’s common to consider it a full time job because of how time consuming it can be. So anyone who currently has a job and is also trying to carry out a search is likely overwhelmed. It can be tough to balance both, but it’s not impossible. All it takes is being diligent and well organized to make it all work! Check out this incredibly helpful article from Forbes to get your job search on track.

12 Ways Successful People Get More Done Than The Rest of Us

Sometimes all it takes to be productive is a shift in mindset. If you’re looking for minimal investment for a big payoff in productivity this list is worth a shot. It’s short and sweet, and you should be able to pickup at least one good habit from the list!

Conflicts at work are frustrating, especially when they affect your ability to get things done. We hope the links shared this week help you not only better resolve those conflicts, but also make the most out of your time spent working. Check back next week for a new topic and a fresh batch of links!