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27 Jobs With Unbelievably Tough Interview Questions

Glassdoor recently released a list of 27 different interview questions that are far from normal. Each question is listed with the company asking, and what position the question is used for when hiring. The list of companies is quite varied, featuring companies like Facebook, Twitter, Express, Apple, SpaceX, and more. It’s an interesting read, because the questions give some insight into the hiring process of their respective companies. It’s also fun to try and answer the questions yourself! Whatever the reason, we definitely recommend you check out the list of quirky questions.

7-Year-Old Girl Asks Google for a Job and Gets an Amazing Response from the CEO

If  you’ve been rejected in your job search recently, you’re not alone. 7 year old Chloe sent in an application to Google, excited by the idea of slides and bean bags at work. Although she wasn’t brought in for an interview, she received a personal letter back from CEO Sundar Pichai urging her to follow her dreams. It’s a great feel good story, and we highly recommend you read it!

The Secret to Organic Networking

Struggling to make a meaningful connection at networking events? The key may be focusing on more organic networking. Dan Dowling believes that, “networking to expand your network doesn’t work”, and his frustration led him to seek out a new way to connect. Instead of focusing simply on making a networking connection, he decided to focus on value. Instead of simply making disingenuous connections, he suggests trying to find connections based on mutual value. If you’ve become frustrated with conventional networking like he did, read this article to try something new.

4 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Career

You may be able to get away with missing a deadline and forgetting an email here or there. However, you should never make a habit out of it. When these minor missteps become habits, they don’t just threaten your productivity, they threaten your career. Losing one job over a bad habit can lead to a long struggle of finding employment. Make sure you don’t let any of your bad work behaviors turn into habits that could hurt you professionally. This article from CNBC lists a few of the most common to get you thinking.

How to Succeed In Your New Job

If you found employment in the first two months of this year, you’re probably still getting adjusted to the new work environment. This Forbes article has some great advice on a few steps you can take that will turn you into a regular member of the team in no time. Based on some poll numbers from Monster, the article recommends a few simple steps that can make a big difference.

How to Fix 3 Common Resume Mistakes

It seems every week we have a new article about resume mistakes, however, it is with good reason. Almost everyone in the workforce has one, and mistakes are extremely common. For starters, make sure you check your grammar! You’d be amazed by the number of small mistakes that slip through and threaten your shot at a great job. This article recommends three steps, one of which is establishing your own personal brand, which is also a great tie-in to our next and final link for this week.

Why You Must Make Online Branding Part of Your Job Search This Year

In the age of information, most recruiters and hiring managers are utilizing social media in their process. So it makes sense that job seekers are on those platforms to meet them when they’re looking. It’s become extremely important to develop your own ‘personal brand’, especially online. This article offers a good basic guideline for getting your own professional branding on track. It’s a quick read with just enough information for you to build a strong branding foundation online.

If you have any further interest in social branding, we have a breakdown of how LinkedIn can benefit your career here. We hope you found some use in this week’s links, and we’ll be back again next week with even more!