Woman happily quitting her job.

Americans Are Quitting Jobs at the Fastest Pace in 16 Years

The amount of employees in the US quitting their jobs is the highest it has been in years. This is likely a combination of confidence in the economy, as well as the popularity of job hopping. Job hopping is something that has become more common, especially with younger employees. Many are realizing how switching jobs can give your salary a significant boost. This results in many employees changing jobs constantly to increase their salary. However, whether or not that approach is sustainable remains to be seen. Click through to the article to read the quantitative details.

Fearless Salary Negotiation Tips With Josh Doody

If you’re one of the 3.22 million people quitting your job from the previous article, it’s probably a good time to brush up on your negotiation skills. Whether you’re currently in a job asking for a raise, or negotiating for a new position, there is helpful advice for you here. The best way to negotiate is to reshape your thinking and see a new perspective. Author Josh Doody will help you reframe your approach, and put you on the path to a better salary.

58% of High-Performance Employees Say They Need More Quiet Work Spaces

The concept of the open office is extremely popular with many ‘forward thinking’ companies. However, an open office may not be the best approach if you have a loud environment. A new study discovered that the majority of valuable ‘high-performance employees’ want quieter work spaces. The article looks into the severity of the issue, and just how significant the impact can be. If you work in an open office, or not, let us know if you prefer the layout in the comments!

LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips: Introducing Photo Filters and Editing

Just 3 days ago, LinkedIn announced that new editing features were available for profile pictures on their platform. If your account has an image linked to it, the likelihood of someone connecting with you increases greatly. So it makes sense to have that photo look the best it possibly can. This update follows LinkedIn’s large face-lift and user interface update that changed the desktop site to reflect the cleaner mobile layout. This update also changed how your endorsements appear, which was discussed in a previous blog here. Currently the filters are only available on mobile, but they may be rolled out on the desktop site soon.

Google Exec: Here’s How a Cold Email Can Land You Your Next Job

If a traditional job search approach hasn’t gotten you anywhere, it may be time to try something new. In this article, Pete Roper, Head of Mobile Brand Strategy at Google, shares his outside-the-box strategy for landing a job. If you’re wondering about it’s success rate, don’t worry, it’s how he landed his job at Google! He notes that while there are plenty of jobs available on job boards and through other sources, it’s the ones that aren’t readily available you should be gunning for. Read the article for a full breakdown of his approach.

Wake Up Your Resume With These Tips

Resumes are something that change overtime, and that time period is incredibly short today. A good resume today may look like a bad resume in a few months, or to a different employer. What is considered appropriate differs between industries, and also depends on years of experience. In this article, Grace Totoro looks at what makes a good resume successful, as well as how you can apply these factors to your own. She also talks about the best mindset to have when sending in one.

Research: How Incentive Pay Affects Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Trust

Have you ever wondered what type of salary structure motivates employees the most? Between salary, hourly, commission, and many other types of pay, surely one is superior? This study by the Harvard Business Review, examines how incentive-based affects engagement, satisfaction, and trust in employees. The results may be surprising to you- it’s not all positive. We won’t spoil the results here, but if you’re considering an incentive-based pay system, you should look at all the potential implications.