Working from home is becoming more and more normalized in the working world. But is it right for everyone? How do you efficiently work from home? Will it work for you? We’ve answered all your questions in this weeks link roundup. Check it out below.

Is Working at Home Right for You?

Answer these few simple questions about whether the remote life is for you. Answer them instinctively, and you’ll have a better understanding of where you stand. Check it out.

7 Pitfalls to Watch for If You’ve Just Started Working from Home

If you’re new to this whole working-from-home thing or are considering it – there are some things to take note of before you do to ensure you are your most productive (and sane) self. Find out, here.

10 Reasons Working from Home with Two Kids Is Actually Easier

Working from home can alleviate a lot of stress. Working from home with kids? Now that’s a whole different ball-game. However, it may not be as tough as you might think. Check out these reasons why working from home with kids can actually help.

Working from Home? You’re Far from Alone

Having a job that allows you to work from home is becoming far more common in today’s world. But how common is it compared to your standard working hours and commutes? Check it out, here.

Are Home Offices Fueling A Mental Health Crisis?

Being a work from home employee can seem like all sunshine and rainbows, but like with anything – the grass isn’t always greener. Don’t worry, there are some ways to fix the hiccups in remote working.

How to Make Working from Home More Productive

Working from home can seem like a luxury, but it can also become unproductive if you don’t set yourself up with the right atmosphere. Find out how to be more efficient working from home, here.

All the Scientific Proof You Need to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

What better way to back up your idea of working from home than with some facts? Like “The performance of employees who worked from home shot up by 13%” and more. Check them out.


Have you considered working from home? What has helped you decide?