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Conducting a job search is certainly no small task. There is a lot to keep track of, and it can be tough to keep everything straight. With that said, there are always ways you can conduct a smarter, more efficient job search. Today’s Link Roundup is dedicated to sharing some of those tips with you, so you can job search better, and find the right job sooner. If that sounds like something that you want to read about, check out the links below!

These Methods Will Finally Help You Organize Your Job Search Better

One of the first steps to conducting a successful job search is appropriately organizing it. If you’re unable to keep track of where you’ve applied or which version of your resume you want to send, it can make everything more difficult. Also, if you’re not someone who is naturally organized, this article has tips and tricks that you can use to change that. It also makes suggestions for specific apps and programs you can use, if you may need them. This is a great read for anyone looking to get their ducks in a row when it comes to their job search.

How Traditional Careers Are Being Digitized and Transformed

If you want to find success in your career, it’s important to understand how careers are changing. Technology has for a while now been the catalyst for change in most professions. It’s a great way to streamline processes, and even bring about new careers. Careers that may have seemed technologically simple on paper are now getting a boost, and changing forever. In this article, a few of those changes are detailed, in industries such as teaching, finance, and law.

These 10 LinkedIn Tips Will Make You a Networking Master

One of the most powerful tools when it comes to careers is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful networking and search tool that enables you to both make connections and search jobs. There is also a multitude of other resources it offers, and all of them make it a great tool for any job seeker. Being proficient in it will help you grow you network, and hopefully find more opportunities. If you’re looking for a quick read, these tips are offered in the form of a slideshow with advice in fun-size bites. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to network more.

How to Create A Job Search Support Group

Now that you’re on the path to being a stronger networker, you should be able to create a job search support group. This isn’t the easiest task, but thankfully there are online and in person resources you can utilize. Thankfully, this article also includes a seven step process, if you’re worried about how to go about it. If you are able to arrange a job search support group, it can be a great benefit to everyone involved.

Recruiters Reveal Exactly What They’re Asking Your References

Have you ever wondered what types of questions your references are asked by potential employers? If you’ve never been a reference yourself, you can’t be faulted for your curiosity. This great article from Business Insider gives you an inside look into the reference checking process. Now you can finally know that types of questions are asked! It’s always frustrating knowing someone is talking about you and not knowing what they are saying, even if it is a professional reference. The questions vary by employer, but they usually revolve around the same topics. This is a great read for anyone looking for a job.

The 9 Attributes of The Most Effective LinkedIn Profiles

We’ve already briefly touched upon how you can best optimize your LinkedIn profile for networking. But how about optimizing it for recruiters? With the right mindset, your LinkedIn profile has the potential to draw in hiring managers and employers who may be interested in hiring you. There are certain attributes that make a profile enticing, and knowing what those are will help you shape yours into something attractive. Read over these 9 attributes the next time you decide to update your LinkedIn profile.

Top Google Recruiter: Google Uses This ‘Shocking’ Strategy to Hire the Best Employees

Although this isn’t directly related to a smarter job search, it is reassuring news. In most cases, the hiring manager has final say in who gets chosen to hire. However, Google surprisingly uses a hiring committee approach when making hiring decisions. By using a committee to make decisions, they eliminate many inherent biases that specific members may have. This is unique way to hire, and should ensure that the best candidate gets the job. We’re not sure how widespread this practice is, but we hope to see more of it!

The 7 Worst Mistakes You Can Make During a Career Change

If you’re not only looking for a job, but looking for one in a different industry, your scenario is quite unique. Shifting from one field to another is no small task. There is a lot to consider, and many changes you have to make to prepare. With such a big change, there is some room for mistakes to be made. Thankfully, this article shares some of the most common mistakes people make when changing careers. If you’re thinking about shifting the focus of your career, this will make for a valuable read.

That’s all we have for this week! We hope some of the advice included above helps you to make your job search more efficient, and effective. You’d be surprised how much a difference being organized and having a strong network can make! Just a few changes to your job search process can drastically improve your chances of getting hired. Best of luck!