This week we’re back again with more fresh links that are just waiting to be clicked. There is a heavy focus on interview preparation, so if you’re preparing to sit down and talk about a position, definitely take a look at what is shared this week!

Best Interview Practices for Job Seekers

This exhaustive guide put together by the people at Cleverism is a great resource for anyone on the job hunt. If you’re nervous about landing an interview, this guide is a great place to start in order to feel more comfortable and confident. Even if you need a quick refresher as a seasoned interview veteran, it’s worth a look.

11 Unusual Questions to Ask In an Interview to Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

Continuing with the theme of acing the interview, this article from Forbes has 11 questions you should ask in an interview to standout. These questions are all developed by a Forbes Coach Council. Each coach explains the reasoning behind the question, and how it makes you look to the hiring manager.

Job Market for Recent Grads: 50+ Promising Employment Statistics

If you’re a recent graduate who has been struggling to find a job, this article is for you. It can be easy to get discouraged, but these statistics show that the hiring market is on your side. Featuring engaging visual breakdowns of the stats, it’s a great read for any recent grad.

11 Jobs That Are More Stable Than Your Last Relationship

The title of this article from online company and job database Glassdoor may be snarky, but the content is no joke. Utilizing their information, Glassdoor lists 11 jobs that are incredibly stable. You may kick yourself for not thinking of these, but it’s a great pick me up for anyone with their job on the list.

How to Expand Your Job Search When You’ve Exhausted All the Options

If you’re feeling like you’re at the end of the rope in your job search, this article may reinvigorate your enthusiasm. It’s easy to feel as if you’ve run out of options. However, there are a few easy changes you can make to recharge your job search. Start by reading this article and go from there!

Donald Trump Wins. What Are the Implications for Compensation?

Now that the election is over, everyone is speculating the impact it will have on them. Payscale has done the research on President Elect Trump’s policies to determine how it will affect your compensation at work. While it is speculating on his past policies, it’s interesting to know what may occur once he takes the oval office.

8 Ways to Reset Your Career

We’re getting towards the end of 2016, and this article encourages you to reassess where you’re at in your employment. It’s good to make sure your knowledge and skills are fresh, and this article has a few great suggestions to accomplish that.

Ex-Google Career Coach: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

If you’re feeling trapped in your current position of employment, there are a few things you should do before committing to walking out the door. Check out this article for a few ways that you might be able to fall in love with your job again.