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At last it’s 2018! A new year means a fresh start, and it’s a great time to invest some time in your career. Whether that means looking for a new job or simply improving your current role, we have all of the advice you need. The links below should help you start off your career on the right foot as the new year begins. 

Job-Cut Announcements in 2017 See Lowest Level Since 1990, Challenger Report Says

We begin this set of links with one from CNBC, which details the findings of the latest Challenger report. In December, employers announced that 32,423 jobs would be getting cut. When added to the previous 11 months, the total is 418,770 cuts, the lowest since 1990. This optimistic news is great for anyone currently in the market. Employment is low, and employers are less likely to make cuts. This varies by company and location, but overall the job market is looking healthy!

Look Out For These Warning Signs Before You Take That New Job

Before you rush into a new job this year, it’s important to make sure it’s a smart move first. It is certainly exciting to land a job interview, and even more so when you receive an offer, but don’t let that cloud your judgement. The warning signs mentioned in the article are all telltale indicators that a company may not be as great as it seems.

Hundreds of Jobs On Offer at Times Union Job Fair

For any of our local followers, the Times Union Job Fair offers a great opportunity. If you are in NY State’s Capital Region, this is an easily accessible way to find out what jobs are currently available, and which companies are searching for new employees. It’s a great way to get your resume in front of many companies in one fell swoop, and we’ll be there too! Feel free to stop by and say hi, or drop a copy of your resume in person if you’d like to utilize our recruiting services.

How to Manage Your Career

Have you found it tough to know what your next move in your career is? Managing your career can be a challenging task. It requires being able to look at where you are now from a greater perspective, and envision where you want to go in the future. Thankfully, NY Times has put together this exhaustive guide to help you. It covers everything you’d want to know about managing your career: networking, negotiating a raise, dealing with job loss, and even considering part time opportunities. Whatever you may be wondering about, this article has you covered.

4 Tips to Fight Those Job Interview Jitters

If you’re beginning (or continuing) your job search in 2018, that means you will eventually have to go on some job interviews. If you are someone who typically gets timid or nervous during interviews, you should check out this link! This list has 4 great tips that should help you go into your next job interview more confidently. Remember, you already landed the job interview, so they definitely saw something they like. All you have to do is convince them further!

The 10 Most Cringe-Worthy Lies and Mistakes Hiring Managers Have Caught on a Resume

This link offers a bit of a humorous break from some of the more helpful posts, but it’s not without it’s own merits. Most of these resume mistakes are far fetched, and most normal job seekers won’t make them. So read them over and laugh, but remember the important lesson: your resume is the one document that solely represents your experience to a hiring manager. Any mistakes on it will likely impact your candidacy in a big way. Make sure you always proofread and consider having someone else give it a look over.

Exactly How to Decide Which Skills to Put On Your Resume

Now that we’re on the topic of resumes, it’s important to think about what skills you include. Skills sections on resumes have been more and more prevalent. It has the dual benefit of optimizing your resume for keywords, while also showcasing your areas of expertise to any hiring managers that may happen to look it over.