We’re only a few days away from election day, and it’s almost impossible to avoid political conversations at work. This week one of our links will help you talk politics without damaging your work relationships. We’re also sharing an article about what qualities every job seeker should have. However, that’s enough of me talking about it, read on to see the links for yourself!

How to Handle Political Conversations in the Workplace

As stated earlier, the election is drawing close. It’s certainly going to be the topic of many conversations, including the workplace. This handy article from Glassdoor will help you make sure you navigate your political conversations in the office with tact.

New Way of Doing Business: Career Pathways

A new law entitled the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act was passed in 2014, which required the use of career pathways to support certain groups of workers. This law encourages employers to design tracks for future employees in learning and education. The program is extremely interesting and makes for an interesting read.

10 Good Reasons to Leave a Job Interview

When you land an interview, it’s an exciting moment. However, many companies can be overbearing in their interview process. Especially since we are almost at full employment in the U.S., it’s important to know your worth. If you’re being mistreated in an interview, it may be time to take your leave.

How Microsoft Want to Change the Way You Work

Microsoft Office Suite has been a staple of many office workplaces for years. However, one area the software has been lacking in is digital coordination. Just yesterday Microsoft announced Microsoft Teams, a new way for coworkers to interact digitally. It’s a worthwhile read if you believe it’s something your company may implement.

6 Qualities Every Job Seeker Needs to Stand Out From the Competition

This article goes over a list of ‘quotients’ that play a large role in perceived performance of a job seeker. While hard work and dedication make most lists, this article covers a few less obvious qualities that you may not think of.

9 Small Things You Do That People Use to Judge Your Personality

Based on a study done by Quora, Business Insider has prepared a few graphics of small things that people use to make assumptions about your personality. These are great things to know for anyone going into an interview, or starting a new job. Make sure you make the right first impression by checking out this article.

The Career Advice I’d Give My 22-Year-Old Self

We can all agree that if we were given to go back in time and talk to ourselves, we probably would take the chance. Equipped with hindsight and wisdom, we could potentially put ourselves on a better future path. This author’s advice to his past self is presented in a fun way, and is a helpful read for anyone.

When You Feel Pressured to Do the Wrong Thing at Work

It seems as if there is a new story of corporate corruption every month or so. Volkswagen and their emissions cover-up, and more recently Wells Fargo’s false accounts have both made headlines this year. At a certain point you have to wonder, was it the employers fault for telling employees, or was it their fault for going along with it? This article acts as a great guide for dealing with anything you think isn’t right, that you may be pressured to do at work.

4 Tips For Networking at Non-Networking Events

Networking events and cocktail hours are great times to broaden your network. However, some of the best opportunities for you to network occur at times you may not realize. This article will force you to re-examine how you spend time at certain events. If you open your eyes to some non-traditional networking, your network will be all the better for it.