Starting a new job can bring up all sorts of emotions. What if I’m too old? Not experienced enough? Too introverted? How will I adjust to a more flexible schedule? We’ve gathered all of the answers to your questions in the week’s link roundup, below. Check it out!

The Non-Scary, Realistic Guide to Changing Careers When You’re Older

There used to be a stigma that the older you get the less common it is to switch jobs – however, there should be no age cap when it’s appropriate to change your career. And luckily today that stigma is just not true anymore. Want to know what to focus on if you’re changing positions or companies at an older age? Check out these tips, here.

Fitting in at Work

When you’re starting a new position, finding your groove and your place within the company can be tough. You want to build relationships and make friends to improve your overall satisfaction at work. So here are a few tips on how to “crack the culture code”. Check it out.

How to Handle a New Job with Extreme Flexibility

If you’ve worked a traditional job, you know that you arrive during your hours of work – you do your work while you’re there, you get paid for your time – and you leave.  But what happens if your job allows you to leave work when you’ve completed your tasks for the day or allows you to work remotely all together – essentially paying you for your work and not your time? Find out how to handle a job with more flexibility than you’re used to, here.

How to Adjust to a More Demanding Job

What happens when you change jobs and you start to realize that the workload has increased, noticeably? If it’s work, you enjoy – you will feel challenged and your days will feel fulfilled. You just want to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to transition appropriately. Find out, here.

6 Emotions You’ll Experience During a Job Change

Changing jobs can be an exciting and nerve-racking time. You’ll feel a whole slew of emotions and rightfully so! It can be sad, exciting, scary, unexpected. Knowing that the emotions that you feel are normal can help make the switch less stressful. Check out some emotions that are tied with switching positions so that you can be prepared and help smooth the process, here.

Changing Jobs? How to Budget for A Smooth Transition

We’ve discussed how to deal with a larger worker load, less workload, dealing with company culture, and changing jobs later in life. But how do you handle the money aspect to ensure your transition goes well? Nothing a little planning won’t solve. Find out here.

5 Ways to Adjust to A New Job When You’re an Introvert

Beginning a new job as an introvert can be, challenging. “There are definitely ways you can be strategic to make your first week or two at a new job as comfortable as possible, especially if you feel a lot of stress about the social pressure and level of interaction that tends to come with a new workplace.” Read more, here!