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This week’s link roundup contains the ins and outs of employee performance. From a management standpoint, you will find tips on how to have the conversation about performance improvements with your employees and how to increase performance results. From an employer perspective, you will learn about some of the new performance review tactics that may be in your future thanks to technology!

Employee Burnout, Part 1: The 5 Main Causes

Organizations are starting to experience an increase in employee burnout. Though it may seem like part of the job, the lasting effects of burnout are substantial! Find out why there is an increase in this problem and how it can be avoided by reading this informative article.

How to Have Performance Improvement Conversations That Get Results

Employee retention is a topic that many companies are talking about today. You may have hired someone expecting them to be doing better work than they are currently doing. Talking to them about their current level of performance can be a tough situation to be put in, but it is extremely important that their quality of work is up to the company’s standards. Find out how you can approach the difficult topic in this article from Forbes!

Employees Underperforming? How to Respond to These 3 Excuses

Now that you are ready to approach the topic of performance with an employee, what happens next? Well, not everyone is going to take criticism lightly or proactively, unfortunately! So, Entrepreneur has you covered with the best responses you can use if an employee comes back with a common excuse when confronted.

Building a High-Performance Organizational Culture

Performance reviews can be costly and employees feel like they no longer represent proper performance tracking. To keep up with the changing times in the workplace and beyond, workplace culture expert, David Hassell, shares methods that companies should be implementing. These methods are not only cost-effective but more effective at reviewing accurate performance abilities!

Employees Most Likely to Quit For a Higher Salary Elsewhere

According to a new OfficeTeam survey, 44% of 2,800 workers polled said they would leave their current job for one that pays more. Money isn’t everything but it does play a large role in employee retention and satisfaction. Someone getting underpaid for the work they are doing is more likely to put less effort into their projects because they are feeling undervalued. HR Dive goes to explain salary and performance in more depth.

Walmart Wants to Do What to Its Employees?

We live in an ever changing environment with the increase of new technologies. You’re not going to believe what Walmart wants to implement to track employee performance! It has to do with sound sensors and you’re going to have to read this article to find out exactly what they want to do. Could this be the future of employee performance methods? It’s a little unsettling.

IBM Is Using Its AI to Predict How Employees Will Perform

Another method, already being implemented, to track employee performance is AI! IBM is using their AI system, Watson, to collect company data to make educated evaluations about an individual’s performance. Find out more about the process by reading this article.

Technology is affecting many different aspects of our lives, even when it comes to our work performance! We’re sure it’s more than you knew before reading this week’s link roundup.