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Part-time jobs and side-gigs are taking on a new role in today’s economy. They are no longer just for people trying to make extra money in addition to their full-time jobs but also for the freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to learn and grow. Find out more about why side-gigs and part-time jobs are the new trends, in this week’s link roundup below!

Here’s Why Part Time & Work from Home Jobs Are the New Normal

Aside from technology playing a large role in how we communicate, purchase, and work it is also playing a large role in HOW we work. Not only does it create a flexible schedule, but it also allows people to pursue other time-consuming activities. Check out this blog, to find out more on why part-time and working from home, is becoming more and more popular!

10 Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Six-Figure Salaries

Work from home doesn’t have to mean lower pay. In fact, there are more jobs than you’d realize that you can make a great income with. If you are interested in finding out what those “work-from-home” jobs are that have the potential to actually PAY well, check out this blog, here!

The Not-So-New Gig Economy: What The C-Suite Can Learn From Millennials

It’s becoming more apparent that people are starting to CHOOSE to take on a side-gig by choice. Not only are there benefits with flexibility but people are finding that side-gigs are allowing them to express themselves, learn and even explore new ventures. Read more to find out how CEOs went from the executive world to gigging, here!

How I Ditched Debt: Thrifty Living and Side Gigs

Side gigs can be extremely useful if you have a goal of what you are going to use the money for. In most cases, side gigs are temporary and can get you ahead by devoting not a lot of time long-term. IF you are wanting to solely bring in extra money for a house, wedding or to pay off debt, check out how to best find and strategize with your side gig, here!

7 Best Part-time Jobs For College Students

College can be expensive, especially if you are the one to solely support yourself while at school. One way to do that is by finding a part-time job. This allows you to bring in some side-cash and devote most of your time to your school work. Read more to find out what some of the best part-time jobs are for college students, here!

How to Make Part-Time Jobs Matter on Your Resume

Not all of the jobs you may have worked over your lifetime necessarily impact or benefit a job you are currently looking to pursue.  But some of those jobs developed skills that you can address in your resume that CAN help you! Check out these tips on how to utilize those not-so-glamorous-jobs on your resume, here!

Have you found a side-gig or part-time job solely for enjoyability? Comment below!