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For this week’s Link Roundup, we chose to focus on how you can use LinkedIn more effectively, and also highlight some interesting statistical data. Wondering how standing vs. sitting affects your salary? That and more is covered in the links below. Statistics can be particularly telling, especially so when they illustrate how certain factors play out in the workforce.

How Sitting, Standing, Communicating, and Getting Wet On the Job Affect Pay

This article is incredibly intriguing, and shows how factors like sitting or standing correlate with pay. Many professions that involve one or the other tend to fall into a similar bracket. For example, if you’re sitting for the majority of your work day, you’re probably at a higher salary than someone standing most of the day. These generalizations aren’t always true, but the data does point out certain trends.

Job Search: 5 Simple Tips You’re Probably Forgetting to Do

When preparing for a job search, it’s easy to become simply overwhelmed with everything you have to do. In trying to do everything right, it can be easy forget the basics. A great example of this is forgetting that it’s okay to let your personality to shine through. Never allow your preparation or nerves stifle your personality. No company wants to hire someone without one! Click through to find out a what other job search tips are simple but often forgotten.

The Top Ten Buzzwords We’re Using in the U.S.

With millions of users on LinkedIn, there’s bound to be millions of ‘executive summaries’ and ‘career objectives’ that follow. This means LinkedIn has an overabundance of buzzwords. If you really want to get your own story across in a unique way, why use the same cliche words as everyone else? Check out this list to see if any of these buzzwords are overly present on your profile, and consider swapping them out for something that sets you apart.

The 1 Job Interview Question You Should Always Ask, and Other Top Advice

Every year, Inc.com selects their 30 Under 30 Rising Stars. These are trendsetting entrepreneurs who are making their mark on the world. These Rising Stars have been selected by a panel of judges who are also entrepreneurs themselves. They know what qualities make a difference, and have some great advice for anyone in need of some inspiration.

LinkedIn: Here’s How to Stop Sharing Profile Changes With Your Network

LinkedIn does a great job of keeping your network up to date on your career. However, those updates can be bothersome if you are trying discretely find a new job. Wondering how to disable those updates? Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to do, and this article also includes step by step instructions!

These Common Reference Myths Are Hurting Your Job Search

References are a crucial piece of every job search. However, there a number of myths about them as well. If you’re going to start a job search soon, you should know fact from fiction. References are certainly something you should consider, and reading this article will help you better understand the role they play in the hiring process.

3 Most In-Demand Employee Benefits Of 2018

If you had to guess, what do you think the most in demand employee benefit is in 2018? If you were thinking that trendy perks like free snacks, game rooms, and nap rooms are it, not quite! Although those perks did enjoy a brief boost in popularity, they’ve been outlasted by more meaningful long term benefits. If you’re curious what they are, check out the full article!

That wraps it up for this week. It’s always good to update your Linked In profile, and we hope the links this week gave you the advice and motivation necessary to do so! Additionally, the job market is always changing, and it’s interesting to look at statistics that present a snapshot of it’s current state. We hope you found all the information included this week interesting and useful!