Networking is extremely beneficial for your company and for your own personal growth. There are various locations and types of networking that you can utilize. Read on to find out how to maintain new contacts post-networking event, how to network on a plane, and more below!

8 Tips for Staying in Touch With Networking Contacts (Without Being Weird)

Making connections already seem challenging enough at a networking event, but how do you approach the relationships you’ve made, post-event? You want to maintain your relationship but you don’t want to come off “weird”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 8 tips for maintaining your network relationships, reaching out and where to contact them, here!

The Next Level of Networking

In today’s society, the internet is a part of our everyday life. We make purchases online, research online and make connections online- both personal and business. However online connections can only get you so far, especially in the workplace. Ensuring face-to-face meetups are even MORE important for developing that next-level relationship. To learn more, check out these suggestions, here.

Five Rules For Networking Your Startup In A New City

Looking to start your own startup in a new location? Do your research. As exciting as it is, you need to be prepared before you take the plunge in developing a start-up in an area you’re not necessarily familiar in. Learn about the city, the people and the relationships first. To find out how, check out these rules for networking your start-up in a new city, here!

How to Plan Your Own Networking Event (and Invite the Right People)

Attending a networking event is one thing. Hosting your own is completely different, and can be SUPER beneficial. You are in charge of the logistics, the guest list, the vibe, and the schedule. If you are wanting to successfully host your own networking event and are unsure where to begin, check out these guidelines here!

Opinion: 7 Top Tips For Networking on Airplanes

When you’re on an airplane, your row-mates are people you permanently sit next to for a few hours at a time. So why not use this time to get to know them and even network with them if they’re willing? This is a great opportunity to make use of your time – if done correctly. Read more to find out these top tips to networking for the next time you are on an airplane!