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When you begin looking for a new job, there are usually certain companies that you are more interested in working for. In this week’s Link Roundup we’ll be looking at what makes a certain employer more enticing than others. Sometimes it’s benefits and compensation, others times it’s something less tangible like a strong mission and a motivating team. Selected blogs and articles this week examine what makes a company attractive, and we’ve also selected a few articles with strong career and job search advice.

What Makes a Company Worth Working For?

While you may be quick to assume that salary and benefits are the only things that make an employer attractive to work for, however, it is much more complicated than that. While those factors may do a great job of increasing initial interest, retaining employees is the harder job to accomplish. This article breaks down some philosophies of what makes employees happy at work.

I Left Washington D.C. For a Smaller City – And It Was a Great Choice For My Career

If you want to grow your career, you may assume you have to go to a big city like New York, or D.C. However, smaller areas have their own benefits. In this personal blog, the author explores a perspective not often shared about how shifting to a smaller city greatly benefited their career. If you’ve been struggling to find success in a large metropolitan area, it might be worth it to weigh the benefits of a smaller city.

13 Employee Benefits That Don’t Actually Work

Having an unlimited vacation policy and a keg in the break room must make for an awesome workplace right? Not necessarily. In this Forbes article, members of their Coaches Council discuss a few gimmicky benefits that may not accomplish as much as they’d hope to. If you’re considering your next job based on how ‘fun’ the company seems, you should give this article a read first. Fun perks aren’t fun anymore once your realize they exist in place because the employer doesn’t offer any real growth opportunities.

How to Work For a Boss Who Lacks Self Awareness

Self awareness is one of the most valuable traits for a boss to have, and it’s rather unfortunate that it’s so rare. If you work for someone who isn’t aware of the effects of their management style and practices, there are certain steps you can take. This article has some data driven recommendations that can help you cope with an unaware boss.

6 Networking Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Professional networking can be rather challenging. It requires a delicate balance of give and take, but the relationships you could build in the process are incredibly valuable. A strong network can help you better navigate throughout your career, and even find new job opportunities. So the work is definitely worth the reward. Just make sure you don’t make one of the many common mistakes by reading this article!

Here’s How to Score a Job at Netflix, Says the Company’s Former HR Boss

Patty McCord, The former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix, has some advice if you want to land a job at the incredibly popular entertainment company. The advice she provides is widely applicable to most job opportunities, which makes this a worthwhile read for any job seekers. Demonstrating problem solving skills and practicing social networking are some of the her recommendations for standing out within the talent pool.

This Is When It’s Worth Negotiating Your Job Title

At work, your job title defines you, but it does so even further when you begin to look for a new job. With past and current job titles tied so strongly to career identity, it may raise the question if job titles are worth negotiating. At times there can be a great disconnect between the job title, and the responsibilities of the role. In situations like this, it’s not a bad idea to consider trying to get it changed. Learn more about what situations warrant negotiating in the full article.

LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Global Edition

If want to know which companies are actually the most in demand, you can find your answers here! Every year, LinkedIn harnesses all of the data it has available, and determines which companies are the most desired by professionals to work for. Wondering which employer made the top of the list last year? Click through to find out. Just remember that this version of the list is global!