As we’re approaching the holiday season, linked to busy schedules, chaos, and new jobs; is it worth it to continue your job search? Are companies looking to hire during this time period? Or are most businesses waiting until January to pick back up their hiring process? Today we’re sharing why you should job search during the holidays, and myths about the holiday job search, below!

11 Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays

As all companies differ, and their busy seasons also differ – especially during the holidays “it can also mean less competition for available jobs because of the number of job seekers who do take a break from their job hunt”. But why should you job search during the holidays? Find out eleven reasons, like more networking opportunities, or the ability to negotiate your start date, here.

How to Advance Your Job Search During the Holidays

If you’re going to take advantage of the opportunity that the holiday job hiring season provides, you’re going to want advice on how to improve your search and your opportunities. Check it out!

Holiday Season Job Searching Tips

“Employers who look to meet their year-end budgets are still actively hiring”, and you want to take advantage of that! Here are even more job search tips for the holiday season.

Five Myths About Holiday Job Hunting

Where did the myths come that job hunting is slow and not promising during the holidays? Or that you’ll have more luck post- January 1st? Regardless, there are a few myths about the holiday hiring and job search that need to be debunked. Check them out, here.

Let’s Debunk Some Major Job Search Myths

We’ve shared five myths on the holiday job hunt, so what are some more that we can address and tackle relating to job search myths in general? Like “Myth: All you need to do is apply online.  Everything is done online these days, even looking for a new job” True or false? Find out here.