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Welcome back to another weekly link roundup! This week we have some great articles to share, many of them backed up by research. If you’re looking for an informed look into the state of the job market, you’ll find it here. We’ll look at how job seekers behave, as well as examining the current state of the labor market. Of course, what better way to start than by looking at the numbers from the June job report!

ADP: U.S. Job Growth Slows to 158K

The ADP National Employment Report was just published on Thursday, and it provides some insight into the current labor market. Employers added 158,000 positions in June, but it’s worth noting that all net gain jobs were in the service industry. Since we are so close to full employment, it seems as if the talent in the market is being hired fairly quickly. Employers have to set themselves apart to draw in qualified applicants, so it is still a seeker’s market.

Timing Matters in the Job Search

One of the most interesting links from this week comes from’s blog. In this blog, the two authors combed through data on all job searched conducted in 2016, and made some interesting conclusions. If you’re wondering when highly educated vs non educated job seekers are looking for open positions, you’ll find your answers here. In addition, it’s also interesting to find out when the majority of employed people look for work.

Money Essentials When You Leave A Job

Considering quitting a job you hate? Or just moving on from a job without growth opportunities? If so you should read this article. It will help get you thinking about the possible financials to consider when making a big decision. They’re important things to take into account that you will have to plan for if you will be jumping ship. For example, what will your healthcare situation be if you leave your current place of employment? Make sure you give this a read if you’re planning on leaving your job.

Work and Reward: The Great Disconnect

This NY Times article takes a critical look at a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research that looks at income inequality and poor wage growth. This isn’t just the inequality between genders, it also looks at the overall stagnation of wage growth over time. While income was on a steady climb for years, now it appears it to have plateaued, and not recently. It’s an interesting issue that is definitely worth investigation, especially since it doesn’t appear to be going away.

How to Be a Lot Happier in Your Career and Personal Life

Since we live in such a candidate driven market, there is no shortage of opportunities to get a paycheck. However, it also means it’s easier to overextend yourself. Feel as if you’ve lost sight of the boundary between your work life and your personal life? If so, this article could help you re-establish it. With just a few quick tips, you should be feeling healthier, and happier. You may think getting more sleep and prioritizing your health is a given, but it can be quickly surrendered to career goals. Do yourself a favor, and take some of this advice.

Here’s a Super-easy Way to Grow Your Small Business

That super-easy way is networking! Although it’s value is constantly stressed for career growth and job opportunities, it’s a huge benefit for small business owners as well. If you’re wondering where the overlap is, this article from USA Today does a great job of describing the crossover. Social media presence is great, but the value of person to person networking is still huge. Don’t underestimate the value it could provide for your business!

17 Effective Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or a tired job seeker, it can be tough to fit everything you want to do into the day. If you’ve been struggling to get the most out of the day and the time in it, this infographic should be a great resource. Follow this guide to better manage your time each day. Putting a few of these tactics into place should help you find time for everything you hope to accomplish!

5 Cover Letter Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Job Search

Cover letters are one of the most challenging job search tasks to master. While resumes are challenging, they are formulaic and informative instead of being expressive and engaging. Walking the line between professional and personal is extremely tough to do. However, cover letters are still a valuable tool in the arsenal of a job seeker. These 5 mistakes could be hurting your cover letter game, so make sure you read the article if you’re concerned!