Whether you want to move up within your current company or move laterally, making an internal job switch requires some preparation. Does your company allow it? What does it entail? Do you have to have a formal interview? How do you know how to go about it? We’re covering all these topics and more, below.

Learn About the Position

If you are looking to make an internal job switch, begin by learning about the position you are considering. What does it entail? What do the day to day tasks consist of? Are the hours the same? Would the salary differ? These are all topics that you should research prior to considering changing positions. Find out of there is an in-house transition policy. Doing this prior to speaking with your manager will show you are willing to do the research beforehand. Learn from people who are already currently in that role and absorb as much information about the position as you can.

Discuss with Your Manager

When you are first considering an internal job switch, speak with your manager directly regarding your interest. Explain your thoughts behind the move and why you think it would be a good idea for you to switch positions. How will it benefit the department? The company? Target these points in your discussion.

Interview Accordingly

If there is a formal interview being held, interview as if you were at another company. Bring your resume, be ready to discuss your skills relating to that new role, and dress accordingly so the hiring manager knows you’re serious.

Focus on the Transition

If you’re offered the position, suggest assisting with the move. This way the company isn’t taking a step back while you transition. Offer to train the person who is taking your place and begin learning tasks in your new role. If there is no one yet to take over your position, discuss this with the hiring manager and see how they would like you to go about it. Whether it be to stay in your current role until they have found someone to fill your position, or switch positions and spread out some responsibilities to other members in that department. But assisting with the transition will show that you care about the overall wellbeing of the company.


Have you made an internal job switch before? Share below how you successfully made the move!