Man losing his job.

This week’s Link Roundup is focused on the various stages of work: leaving a job, losing a job, and looking for one. Each situation has it’s own unique challenges and hardships. If you currently find yourself in any of those situations, you’re sure to find some valuable advice in the articles and blogs below!

U.S. Business Spending on Equipment Cooling; Labor Market Strong

If you’re looking for a comprehensive update on the status of the job market, this is it! Unemployment is at a 48 year all time low, and the economy is also performing well. However, orders for new equipment and machinery are at a low. On the other hand, unemployment is also at a 17 year low, so the market is performing well in most areas. If you’d like a more in depth analysis, make sure you read the full article.

The CEO of LinkedIn Shares the No. 1 Job Skill American Employees Are Lacking

With over 500 million users on the platform, LinkedIn has access to an inordinate amount of data related to careers and job searching. This allows LinkedIn to analyze many different aspects, including what skills are key for hires, and what skills are lacking. In their latest analysis, LinkedIn examined the areas where ‘skill shortages’ are the greatest. I won’t spoil where the biggest skills gap is, but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Click through to find out!

The Three Smartest Ways to Use LinkedIn Early In Your Career

Speaking of LinkedIn, it can be a great tool to help develop and further your career. This is especially true if you are relatively new to the workforce. It’s a great way to break into your field, and make meaningful connections with other professionals. So if you’re trying to get your start in your career, make sure you check out this article so you can harness the power of LinkedIn!

Why It Matters to Have Friends at Work

Although they’re value isn’t often discussed, having a good friend at work can be especially helpful on the tough days. Building friendships can make a work team more cohesive as well. This article examines some of the positives and negatives of having work friends. It also does a great job of explaining how there can be different types of friendships. Some endure, and some fade after leaving a job. The article is a great read, and will help you realize the value in building strong friendships in the workplace.

If Your Resume Shows Any of These 7 Things, It May Cost You a Job

A new survey asked Chief Information Officers what factors most commonly lead them to reject a candidate’s resume. While the focus may be in technology, the mistakes discussed show up on resumes in any field. The survey found that job hopping on a resume is one of the most discouraging factors. Additionally, the survey also examined what interview behaviors cause them to reject candidates. Read this article if you want to avoid making those mistakes yourself!

Why Do You Want to Leave Your Job?

In one our recent blogs, we explored some questions you should ask yourself before leaving your job. However, if you’ve already made up your mind, you have the daunting task of explaining it to everyone. It’s important to fully understand your own reasoning so you can convey it in a rational and meaningful way to others. This article from U.S. News will help you understand the challenges you will face in leaving, and how to approach them.

Laid Off From Work? 8 Things to Do the Week After You’re Let Go

Layoffs are an unfortunate truth of the job market. If you’ve ever been let go, you know it can be hard to bounce back from. It’s easy to get caught up in what happened instead of focusing on what you can do to move forward. If you’re currently in that situation, this article can do a lot of good to help you get back on track.

Whatever situation you currently find yourself, we hope you found something valuable in the links above. It’s important to always keep moving forward in your career despite any setbacks or challenges!