Person filling out online job application on a laptop.

At some point in all of our lives we have conducted a job search. While some professionals are looking for the first time, others are looking for work after finding themselves out of a job. Whether you’re new to it or experienced, it can still be a challenging process. Today we’re going to discuss how you can fully focus your efforts on your job search to work efficiently.

Breaking Down a Full Time Job Search

If you are unemployed and looking for a job, you should start thinking about that job search as a full time commitment. This means every day, you should be doing something to contribute to finding a new job. You don’t need to commit 8 hours each day, but somewhere around 4 or 5 hours should be enough time. Wake up at a decent hour, get ready for the day, and start working on your job search.

You’re probably wondering what it means to spend 4-5 hours working on your job search. The first step will of course be applying to online job boards. While there are more personal ways to search for jobs, this is the way that many positions are sourced for. Keep in mind you should also be tailoring your resume based on each position. Read more on that here. While you may have success with job boards, there are other valuable ways to spend your time.

Company Research & Networking

Another important piece of job searching is finding out what companies you want to work for. Do some research online and find out what companies in your area you would want to work for. Once you find that out, figure out if you have any contacts from your family and friends with connections to those companies. This also brings us to the next task: networking.

This doesn’t necessarily mean going to networking events, although that isn’t a bad idea. Spend time expanding your network through finding connections on LinkedIn, checking in on old colleagues, or prior classmates. Get in touch with anyone that you think may be able to give you advice or help you find a job. Be respectful and thankful to anyone who provides any kind of assistance.

Self Improvement

Finally, another great thing to focus on is personal improvement. Is there a certification that would make you stand out from the candidate pool? If so, the interim between looking for a job and finding one is a great opportunity to achieve that. If not, consider looking into options for conferences in your industry, or take a class on a relevant topic. In graphic design? Take a class on the Adobe Suite. Looking for work in HR? Get SPHR certified. Find out what will make you marketable and do it!

Taking those steps will be much easier now than attempting to do so once you land a full time job. The best part about making your job search full time is that you will get used to being productive, and adapting to a full time job schedule won’t be a shock to the system. We hope this brief guide helps make your job search more productive!