There are plenty of iPhone features that exist that would save SO much time, but you probably just don’t know about them. And if you’re an employee with a full-time job, an entrepreneur, or an employer of a company – your time is of the essence. What better way to improve efficiency than with some tips to help save you time (and sanity)? Check them out!

(*Some of these iPhone features are available with the newest iPhone software update*).

1. Save Battery with Low Power Mode

Lower Power Mode reduces power use by limiting or shutting off certain features. And it’s not just for when your phone battery reaches 20% – you can also turn this on manually and the battery bar will turn yellow. This is a lifesaver on an extremely busy workday.

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.
(Just keep in mind that lower power mode may limit some of the other iPhone features like “Hey Siri”).

2. Customize Shortcuts

Three words: The Shortcuts App. Macworld shares this example, “You could create a shortcut called “omw” (on my way) which would open your favorite navigation app, pull up directions to your house, and automatically text your significant other with your estimated travel time”. What a TIME SAVER.

Search “Shortcuts” in the App Store (if the app is not already on your phone)> Download > Open > Select Get Started> Tap “Gallery” > Choose a shortcut > Select “Get Shortcut” > Continue with steps to set up new shortcut.

3. Upload Documents to Your Phone

If you’re not the most organized person – paper style – try uploading receipts and important documents to your iPhone.  The Notes app can scan and save docs, so you don’t have to deal with the physical clutter.

Notes > “+”> and follow the scan documents instructions.

4. Undo Deleted Texts and Emails

Accidentally hit “select all” and delete something you didn’t mean to? No problem.

Shake your phone > Select “Undo,” and your text will restore itself.
Additionally, if you accidentally delete an email in your inbox, follow the same steps and the email will appear back in your inbox.

5. Do Not Disturb Text Threads

There are some messages throughout the day you don’t need to be displayed on your screen. Maybe they’re a group chat, or texts from friends etc. – and if you use your phone for work or glance at it throughout the day to keep track of calendar events, family phone calls, client/customer phone calls – you want to view the most important things on your screen and sift out the rest. This feature will hide text thread alerts. So, the message will be in your messages, but you won’t receive any notifications. Problem solved.

Messages > Swipe left on the text thread to silence it > Select “Hide Alerts”.
(You can easily undo them the same way.)

6. Utilize Screen Time to Set Boundaries

If you’re looking to set the number of hours used on your phone, limit certain app usage or close down the phone completely at the end of the night at a reasonable hour – iOS 12 has a new setting called ‘Screen Time”.

Settings > Screen Time > Select “Downtime” for your entire phone, or “App Limits” for limiting app use > Choose the limit time.

7. Customize a Text When You Ignore Incoming Calls

When you are in the situation that you have to ignore a call, having an auto-response text that goes out will help you feel less guilty (and also prevent you from having to wait till the call ends to proceed with whatever you were doing). Take a few minutes, maybe at night when you’re off the clock and in some downtime, to create pre-written messages. There are a few defaults, but making your own won’t appear that it was sent “on accident”. Here’s how:

Settings > Phone > Respond with Text > Select the field > Enter Text.

8. “Remind Me Later” Your Incoming Calls

When someone is calling your phone and you don’t want to forget to call them back – utilize the reminder feature.

Select “Remind Me” >” In an Hour” or “When I Leave”.
This tag will be based on your phone GPS – so enable location services for this feature is key.

9. Track Your Flights

Safari allows you to track flight information such as landing times, delays, gates, duration and more.

Open Safari > In Search Bar enter Airline name and flight number> Flight tab> Select flight.

10. Read Articles Offline

Whether you don’t have service, don’t want to use storage, or don’t want to forget the page you’re reading – save web content to read offline!

Select “Share” on said article > Select “Add to Reading List”.
When you want to access an article – click the “bookmark” in Safari and get your read on.

11. Quickly Set A Timer

Some people use timers to stay productive in their tasks – which allows them to efficiently stay on track. If you’re one of these people, there’s a faster way to access it than you’re probably doing currently.

Swipe to access the Control Center > Press and hold down the Timer > Slide finger up or down to adjust the time > Hit Start.

 12. Activate “Hey Siri”

How easy would it be to set an alarm by saying “Hey Siri, set alarm for 6:30 pm” without even touching your phone? Enable the “Hey Siri” feature and you can.

Settings> Siri > Select “Hey Siri”

14. Let Siri Do Your Math

This one is probably one of the most underappreciated iPhone features yet. Yes, the calculator is convenient and super user-friendly. However, using Siri to tally up your math for you is even MORE convenient.

Call for Siri and give her the numbers.
For example, you can say “Hey Siri, what’s 10 + 2 + 6 + 9?” and she’ll compute it in seconds. Of course, it’s always smart to check the numbers when she reads it back – but this is a huge time saver!

15. Free up Storage by Hiding Apps

The Offload App will save you a good chunk of storage space by deleting apps that you don’t use WITHOUT deleting the data. This is one of those iPhone features you don’t wanna skip.

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Select “Offload Unused Apps”
Simply tap the app when you wish to reinstall it.



Have any other quick iPhone feature tips that help you? Comment below!