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Endorsements on LinkedIn have gone through multiple iterations over time. They are touted by LinkedIn as, “a great way to recognize your 1st degree connections’ skills with one click”. With them, you are able to easily endorse the skills and qualities of your first degree connections. LinkedIn also states that, “a high number of endorsements adds credibility to your profile”. Having many of them in specific skills can certainly make you look qualified as a professional. However, LinkedIn’s recent user interface/design update has changed how they work in a few ways. Read on to find out what you should do about the new update.

Out With the Old

In the past, LinkedIn endorsements displayed a list of your top 10 listed skills, followed by the rest below. The old format can be seen below, and would feature the profile pictures of the connections that endorsed those skills:Old Endorsement Layout

However, some big changes to this format have been made. Whereas you used to be able to see the top 10 skills and others below, now you can only see the top 3 before clicking through to ‘see more’. The new layout can be seen below:New Endorsement Layout

This certainly changes how you should approach your endorsements. Since you are no longer able to display your top 10 without clicking through, you should re-order your list. By default, you will find your most endorsed skills of all time in order on the top 3. If you click the edit ‘pencil’, you will be able to re-order these skills. You should edit them to display skills you believe are most important to your career. Also, if you are currently searching for a job, your top 3 skills should be targeted to the types of positions you want. Once you click edit, you will see a list like the one below:

Edit endorsements layout.

Editing Endorsements

From here you can realign your endorsements to showcase your preferred skills, regardless of the number of times you were endorsed for them. Make sure you build your 3 strongest and most important skills to be on top. Since the others will need to be ‘clicked through’ to be visible, these 3 will be seen the most. Thus they should reflect what you want your LinkedIn profile to portray. On the off chance that you have too many endorsements, or have been endorsed by people you don’t want to show, you can change their visibility easily. If you click on an endorsement from the edit menu (ex: ‘Executive Search’), you will have the option to change the visibility of them as seen below:Edit endorsement invisibility.

From here you are able to edit the visibility of endorsements to appear the way you want. You can use this to cut down the number of times you’ve been endorsed for a skill, or make any endorsements from specific connections invisible. A good use of this would be to remove disingenuous endorsements that may discredit your skills. For example if someone like a family member gave you endorsements, someone may question the legitimacy of that endorsement. This is why making some endorsements of your skills invisible may be a good idea.

That’s all we have on the new layout of endorsements! What do you think about the new LinkedIn design and user interface? Let us know in the comments below what you think! Also if you have any further questions regarding endorsements we’d be happy to help. If you want information from the source, LinkedIn’s explanation of endorsing for skills can be found  here.