Manager terminates employee.

If you’re working on your job search while you are employed, you have no reason to be paranoid when searching. However if you are currently employed, it’s important to be careful when looking. Since most positions of employment are at will, it’s entirely possible that you could be terminated if your current employer discovers your job search. We’ll discuss some ways for you to keep your job search off the radar.

Keeping Your Job Search Confidential

Firstly, it’s very important that you choose the proper channels of communication. A surprising number of employed job seekers use work channels to search. Don’t use a work email or phone number on your resume or when giving contact information. Taking a call about your job search during work hours won’t go over well. Also, don’t look for open jobs at work. Your employer can easily monitor your computer to track your searches. Any one of these mistakes could easily alert your supervisor to your job search, resulting in your termination.

Another important point- don’t trust anyone with the news that you’re looking for new opportunities. While it may be tempting to share the exciting news with a coworker, resist the urge. Even if they are your most trusted teammate at the work place, hold back. You never know who could inadvertently incriminate you of being on the job hunt. It is true that networking is a great way to find a job. However, you don’t want it being traced back by your current place of employment.

Avoiding Suspicious Behavior

It’s also incredibly important to keep up appearances. Almost all supervisors and managers are familiar with LinkedIn. They won’t be oblivious to suspicion of the sudden activity on your account. Try to stay active all the time professionally on social media. This will make it less incriminating when you do decide to start a search. Also, don’t show up one day out of the blue wearing a suit if you usually dress business casual.

Lastly, be smart with your resume. This document is extremely crucial to your job search. It is also another way in which your employer can potentially find out about your search. It’s important to be smart about how you disseminate your resume. Don’t post it on a job board for anyone to see. Also, don’t list your current employer as a reference. When you are listing your experience for where you currently work, it should be generalized as well.

Be smart about your job search, especially if you are employed. In some situations, you may have a manager or company that understands you wanting to move on professionally. However, this usually isn’t the case. Use the above tips to keep your job search secret to find a job that is right for you. It’s also important for you to make sure you prepare to fill the position after you are gone. Enabling a smooth transition to the next hire will help when you need a reference!