Woman leaving the office with her things after being fired.

Throughout your professional career, there will be many obstacles standing in your way. Especially so when you begin searching for a new job. It can be tough to push through some of the challenges. In light of that, we’ve gathered some great articles that we believe will help you leap the hurdles that your career and job search may throw at you.

5 Better Ways to Talk About the 5 Most Common Resume Gaps

One of the most challenging issues to address in a job search is a gap in your resume. This can happen for a few reasons. Getting laid off, taking a year to travel, etc. This article covers the most common situations that lead to a gap on someone’s resume. With each scenario, it also points out exactly how best to address it, and also how you absolutely should not address it. If you’re looking for some guidance in explaining a resume gap in a job interview, don’t miss this article.

You Should Leave This Off Your Resume If You Can’t Back It Up in a Job Interview

Unfortunately sometimes you greatest enemy in your job search is… you. Maybe you cut it too short with the commute to the interview, or didn’t do enough research beforehand. In this case, the mistake being discussed is not familiarizing yourself with your resume. You should always be able to answer a follow up question based on anything on your resume. If you’re not able to, it seems as if you can’t back up your own qualifications. That’s the last message you want to send in a job interview!

These Are the Answers to Your Most Burning Job Search Questions

Throughout the course of your job search, there are going to be a lot of things you wonder about. “Why didn’t I hear back?”, “Will they contact me first?”, etc. Fast Company has put a list together of burning questions that plague most job seekers. They are all very common dilemmas, and things candidates worry about throughout their searches. I’m guessing if you look at this list, you’ll notice at least one questions you’ve asked yourself, except now there’s an answer!

Avoid 99% of Resume Mistakes with This Simple Checklist

Most resume mistakes could be fixed if a few simple checks were put into place. Proofreading is step #1 of course, but there are few things you can do to make sure your resume is mistake free. The unfortunate truth is that hiring managers receive hundreds of resume for every job posting they publish online. That means that even the smallest mistake is grounds for removal from candidacy. Don’t let that happen to you! Follow this simple checklist to eliminate mistakes from your resume.

From Spreadsheets to Sticky Notes: 7 Strategies for Managing Your Job Search

If you are conducting a very aggressive job search, sometimes it can be tough to keep all of your opportunities straight. If you receive a call and can’t remember which company that job was with, it can lead to some awkward conversations. There are many different things to remember, and it can be tough to keep everything straight. Interviews, phone calls, thank yous, etc. can easily get mixed up. This article has some great strategies to help you manage everything that goes along with a job search.

Consider These 5 Things Before You Break the Rules in Your Career

Oddly enough, some obstacles to your career can be what you think is right. Our perceptions of how things should be done, and what is normal can sometimes limit us from opportunities. This article shares some examples from various professionals, and how they broke the rules in their career. However, instead of being punished, they were rewarded with a great opportunity, or success. These stories make for some inspiring reads!

Should You Cover for a Friend’s Mistake at Work?

Having a friend at work can make you more productive, and also make the day more enjoyable. However, if that friend isn’t pulling their weight, it doesn’t make it easy for you. This puts you in the awkward position of having to either step in, or cover for their mistakes. That’s not a situation anyone should be in, but it still happens. If you’re looking for some guidance on being in that tough spot, check out this article.

The Only Work-Life Balance Formula That Actually Works

This article gives an intriguing perspective on work-life balance, starting out with an anecdote about Michael Fassbender. It’s not your standard ‘balance everything’ advice either. Instead of focusing on balancing the quantity of your work time to your free time, it recommends focusing on quality. When you do have free time, no matter how little, focus it on something you really want to be doing. Don’t just passively let the time pass you by. If you want to relax, relax watching a movie you’ve really wanted to see, or finally getting in a great workout. It’s a great perspective on work-life balance, and I think it’s worth a read!

Throughout your career, there will always be obstacles and hurdles in your way. It’s an unfortunate truth. You can never change that they will be there, but you can change how prepared you are for them. We hope this group of articles have better equipped you to deal with any challenges you may face in your career!