Today we will be looking at 26 of the best qualities for an employee. If you’re wondering why 26, it’s because these will take you through the entire alphabet. If you think you have a better word, please let us know in the comments. We hope this list helps you!

Ideal Employee Qualities A-F

Attentive– An attentive employee will pay close attention to all of their tasks. This ensures that no mistakes are made and every detail is addressed as necessary.

Brave- While you may be inclined to think of something literary like a dragon-slaying knight with this adjective, but bravery takes on many forms. Being brave can also mean taking on a new project at work or learning a new skill.

Confident- It’s one thing to have the abilities to do your job. It’s another case entirely to believe you can put them into practice. Confidence allows you to do that and it’s also a great skill to have under pressure.

Diligent- Being diligent can apply to aspects of almost every job. Following through on a sale and being persistent about fixing a customer’s problem are both great examples.

Enthusiastic- This is a great quality and will usually play a big part in your interview. Someone who is excited about what they do will be a great asset to any organization, and inspire other coworkers.

Flexible- Sticking to a schedule in a perfect world is great, but when things go awry having someone who can make it work is invaluable.

Ideal Employee Qualities G-L

Generous- Generosity is a trait that is valuable at any rung on the corporate ladder. An employee who is willing to take some work off their coworkers plate is great to have around. At the executive level, giving back to the community through events and charity inspires all employees.

Healthy- You may laugh, but this is an oft underestimated quality. Obviously there is no such thing as perfect health. However, an employee who always makes sure they get enough sleep to be awake and alert is a core requirement of a good worker.

Intuitive- Training is a necessary process in every job to some degree. An employee who can intuitively pick up new things and learn will save their boss some time and stress.

Judicious- We all make decisions every day at work whether or not we are a manager. Being able to make the right decisions when that time comes is a vital skill.

Knowledgeable- When a job description states that the company is looking for a candidate ‘with experience’, it’s mostly because experience is synonymous with being knowledgeable. A worker who not only is knowledgeable but stays knowledgeable is indispensable.

Leadership- A leader can make an impact as a manager, but also on a team. Having someone who can take charge and complete what needs to be done is a great advantage.

Ideal Employee Qualities M-R

Mature- Maturity (or the lack of it) is a quality that usually becomes clear at the incredibly important times within a company.

Noble– Being noble may sound like a preachy adjective, but it’s good to have employees that will stand up for what they believe in.

Organized- Being organized isn’t the same as being clean and tidy. Being organized means if you need to find something, you know exactly where it is because you have a system. Otherwise, you are likely wasting time and killing productivity.

Patient- When a problem arises, it is the most patient employees that will see to a quick and efficient solution. Those without patience are likely to cause the issue to snowball. For this reason and many more patience is an extremely valuable quality in the workplace.

Qualified- This mostly speaks for itself. First and foremost, a job candidate needs to have the proper qualifications to sufficiently complete the job.

Responsible- When an employee is assigned work to get done by a certain time, they should honor that expectation, and know when they will not be able to. Someone who takes responsibility for their own work and ensures it is completed is an integral quality.

Ideal Employee Qualities S-Z

Sincere- A dishonest employee is one that usually hurts the company. If everyone was sincere in a work setting, people would ask for help when they needed it, and things would run much smoother.

Trustworthy- It’s tough to work with someone when you’re unable to trust them. Distrust can make it near impossible to work symbiotically in a work environment.

Understanding- We all know for any number of reasons, things don’t always go to plan. Having a manager or coworker who is understanding of what may happen, or show some empathy leads to a better workplace.

Valiant- The more determined you are, the better you will be at completing tasks and being the best employee you can.

Well-Spoken- Like the next quality, this is extremely valuable if you are client facing or in a customer service role.

Xenodochial- Since you may not be familiar with the term, it means friendly to strangers. If you are able to make clients, customers, or consumers feel warm and welcome, you will drive more business.

Youthful in Mind- Keeping a fresh head about things and being up to date on current trends will make you an extremely valuable employee, especially as others fail to do so and subsequently fall behind.

Zealous- Finding passion in your work is a great way to be spectacular at what you do. If you are passionate, it won’t even feel like work. Loving what you do everyday will make the time fly and  you will be a fantastic employee because of it.