With a new year comes resolutions, whether personal, business-related or both. You’re either excited and eager about them, or you find the process intimidating and unattainable. So today we’re putting together a list of goal ideas to set for yourself, how to reach them, and even some health-related goals to set come 2020. Check it out!

The Secrets to Achieving New Year Goals for Your Career

If you are looking for some advice on how to achieve the goals that you set for yourself for the new year- this one is for you. Here are five steps to help you set them, and even one tip that you can implement immediately to get started. Find out here.

3 Resolutions You’re Going to Break—and What You Should Resolve to Do Instead

Having personal goals for the new year that you want to set for yourself is common. However, having business goals for the new year – can take more thought. You should strive for aspirations that will push you in your career – but you also want to ensure that they’re attainable and properly planned out. Check out these 3 business goals that you may have on your list – and how to adjust them, so they’re doable.

6 Professional Resolutions for the New Year

Looking for some ideas on what business/career goals you can set for yourself for the New Year? Here are six resolutions that you can use for yourself to improve yourself professionally. Check it out.

5 Business New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders and How to Actually Keep Them

If you’re a leader in the workplace – setting a goal to be a better leader may be too vague. So here are some specific goal ideas to set if you’re a leader in the workplace and are looking to make self-improvements to better assist your team/department. Check it out.

Top 10 Resolutions for Your Most Successful New Year

Another list! Here are even more business goal ideas for you to use to set for 2020. Like tracking your to-do list and making professional contacts and networks.

40 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier and Happier Living

If you’re looking to switch up your goal setting from business and professional goals to personal goals to overall better your life – then this one is for you. Here are 40 achievable resolutions to set for the new year to live an improved and more fulfilling life. Like booking your doctor’s appointments, delegating, donating, and even complimenting yourself more. #feelgoodgoals.