How do you know whether to list all your employment history on your resume, or just the most recent? Do you include the last three positions? Only the relevant jobs? Whether there’s an application which allows you to just list a few positions, or a section to share your resume – you may have to take some inventory.

Check the Requirements

Some jobs will ask you to list your last three most recent positions. In this case, if the job experience that you have is not from one of those three positions, this is an instance that you would list the relevant experience in the comments section of the application form.

If some companies don’t have a type of application system for you to list your experience and just asks you to send in your resume, it’s your preference on how much experience to list. If you still want to go with the last three positions, you can do so. And then list whatever relevant experience you have in the summary section of your resume.

Depends on the Job

  • If you’re applying for a job that’s in the tech industry, and you had tech work experience in jobs earlier in your career path– you should be sure to include that job position. If there are multiple jobs in between your most recent jobs and the job with relevant experience – again, you can add that position in the summary section of your resume. You never want to have a gap in work experience -which we’ll talk about below.
  • Some people choose to share all work experience, especially if it supports the position they are applying to. For example, if you are applying to a job in the tech industry, and the last 20 years of your experience has been tech positions – this greater supports your chances of being hired.
  • If you are submitting your resume and you have relevant industry experience in a job earlier in your career – this is another situation where you can list all of your past work experience.
  • If your employment history has been an array of different industry jobs, but the skills support the position you are applying for – highlight those skills in a “skills” section.

Check for A Gap

Regardless of how far back you want to share your work experience, you don’t want to share the most recent two positions and then skip to a job 10 years prior with the relevant industry experience you had. Because from an employers point of view – this would have them assume that you took a 10-year break, not that you decided to exclude your work experience because it wasn’t relevant. If this is the case – again, include that relevant work experience in your summary section of your resume if you are not wanting to list all past employment history.


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