Want to start using social media to assist in your job search? Here is a quick crash course to get you headed in the right direction:

Social Media

  1. Professionalism on all profiles – The social media profiles that you are using in an effort to job search should be extremely professional in nature. In fact, any social media that you are using should be kept at a professional level if they are able to be searched by potential employers. This means cleaning up your profile language and information and removing tags on unprofessional posts and photos.
  2. Accessibility – Make your profiles accessible. If you are truly trying to use these social media profiles as a way to promote yourself, they will need to be visible to others. You can still maintain a high level of privacy and security while allowing yourself to be seen. If it is a profile you use with just your friends and it is not professional, keep it hidden and unsearchable by the public. Present yourself in the best light possible.
  3. Network – The whole point of social media is to raise your brand awareness and market yourself through the networks you have made. Join groups related to your business, industry, skills, etc. Introduce yourself and contribute to these forums to get yourself noticed.
  4. Be resourceful – Be a contributing part of the social media community. Help others, give assistance or advice. Whatever it may be, make sure you are giving back as much as you are getting from your social media activity (preferably giving more). Chelsea Krost http://chelseakrost.com/ has published some excellent articles on how to do just that, like this one from Aja Frost http://chelseakrost.com/how-to-use-local-online-communities-to-start-your-career/
  5. Don’t go fishing, show your value and intelligence – While there may be the right time and place to ask for a job, inquiring about employment with all the connections you make via social media may not be the best option. Once your value and worth have been seen by others, it is more likely your connections may refer you for a position, or companies will see your qualifications through the actions you have taken on your social accounts and reach out to you directly.

The biggest thing to remember: Social media is about being social! Share content and engage with others. Brand yourself, but do so by becoming a resource to others. Finally, pick your social media channels wisely. There are a lot out there. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are great places to start. Happy hunting!


By: Renee Walrath