We hope that everyone is managing to stay safe during the rain and flooding that’s gripped on to the Capital Region in the past couple of weeks. We would like to share some of our favorite sources for up-to-the-minute information, reliable news, and other helpful info that may benefit you during emergency situations:

Albany Times Union on Twitter – quicker than updates on the Times Union website, TU’s twitter feed will keep you posted non-stop on current situations the very second the news breaks. It’s a great source for keeping up with road closures, severe weather updates, and other important news. When the earthquake occurred a couple of weeks ago, @TimesUnion tweeted it while the ground was still moving.

YNN Closings in Effect – YNN continuously updates their closing/delay list with the latest changes. Reliable and easy, with one quick click. You can also find the link on YNN’s homepage.

The Albany Weather Examiner – local meteorologists stay on top of the latest weather developments 24/7, providing updates on their blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages. All updates are linked together and will post on all networking sites at the same time, so you can keep up with the Capital Region forecast in a number of places on the web.

Please stay safe!