Man doing a video interview.
Going into an in-person interview can be extremely unnerving. You also know going in that this conversation may be the deciding factor in your employment. It’s a lot of pressure on one moment. You’ve likely heard most of the advice for doing well in theses types of interviews. However, when the interview is done through a video chat, there are more variables at work. We’re here to help you make sure you’re fully prepared to nail your next video interview.

It’s a Video Interview – Check Your Technology!

One of the biggest common missteps is failing to prepare ahead of time. Like an in office interview, it will look bad if you show up ‘late’. Set up your computer, laptop, or phone around 15 minutes early to make sure all systems are go. Make sure your WiFi, volume, and video program is all working well. You may also consider having a friend call you to test everything before you talk to your potential employer. This way, you can promptly answer when the hiring manager calls. There is another major consideration that is different from in office – video composition.

Unlike sitting down in a conference room, you now have to worry about the video feed you are sending. It’s important to take into consideration background and lighting. You don’t want to show a messy room as the background of your video. Seeing this may lead an employer to assume you are sloppy and unorganized. Also, make sure you are properly lit ahead of time- no hiring manager wants to interview a shadow regarding their open position. There is one last technical variable you need to consider is background noise. Anything from a barking dog to an angry couple fighting on the floor below will make you look bad. If you think it will be hard to avoid, consider going to a library or cafe with free WiFi.

It’s Different, But Not That Different

Even though you won’t be sitting down with the hiring manager in person, you should treat it just the same. Make sure you dress professionally (pants too!) and prepare ahead of time. Do research on the company, and prepare for certain interview questions. It’s also still a good idea to take notes on the position, so long as you ask first. This shows that you are genuinely interested, and makes it easier to remember specifics later.

It’s extremely important to treat a video interview with the same level of professionalism. Even though you may be calling from you own home or apartment, don’t get too comfortable. Sit up straight, and look enthusiastic. If you are too relaxed it may seem as if you’re not taking the interview seriously. Regardless of the type of interview, you should always remember this could lead you to your next job opportunity. We hope these tips helped you understand how to approach a video interview. Although it is accomplished differently, it should still be treated in the same way you would an in office interview.