30 12, 2016

Link Roundup 12/29/16: Job Seeker Resolutions & Career Rules

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With the New Year only a day away, many people will be making New Years’s resolutions in an attempt to make positive change in 2017. While you may have personal health or social goals, you should also consider your career. Therefore, this week’s links start off with some great ways for you to shape your career into something you’re proud of. […]

11 08, 2016

Industry Spotlight: Human Resources

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Human Resources is a department that is present and necessary in every company. Whether it’s internal or external, every company needs someone to watch over their employees. They also need someone who will make sure proper employment practices are followed. Since the workforce is constantly changing, so must the industry of human resources. The way in which we work continues to shift, which means that Human Resources departments will have to stay current on trends to foster the best possible work environment. Curious what those new trends are? Read on for the full overview. […]

21 07, 2016

Industry Spotlight: Banking/Finance

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This week we will be looking into the banking and finance industry. This is an industry that is constantly changing, both from governmental shifts as well as new expectations by customers. These are the two driving forces behind industry shifts, aided by new developments in banking technology. Read on below to find out what changes can be expected for the rest of 2016. […]

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