14 08, 2019

Worried About an Awkward Interview? Avoid These 7 Things

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Job interviews can be stressful. Trying to make a good first impression, while also being yourself, and not being awkward while doing it – can be stressful. And when things don’t go in your favor, whether it be a wardrobe malfunction or losing your train of thought – how do you prevent an awkward interview from derailing your chances of getting hired? We’re sharing 7 things to avoid, below. […]

26 07, 2017

How to Avoid An Awkward Interview

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It’s important to plan ahead for an interview, and cover all the essentials. Do your research, dress appropriately, and come with questions prepared. These steps are mostly common knowledge. However, it is possible that by trying to do right, you do wrong. For example, it’s important to maintain eye contact with your interviewer- but you don’t want to stare them down. It’s very possible to overdo it, so today we’ll be talking about the best way to avoid any awkwardness in your next job interview.  […]