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23 10, 2017

Can My Resume Be Funny?

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Resumes are typically very boring and straightforward. Work experience, skills, education, etc, nothing very exciting. A big part of getting hired is likability, so it would make sense to inject a little humor into a resume to get more attention right? Wrong. Humor may make sense at some point during the hiring process, but certainly not on your resume. Today we’ll explain why jokes should stay off your resume, and a few cases when a slight dose of humor may be appropriate. […]

7 07, 2017

Link Roundup 7/6/17: Work by the Numbers

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Welcome back to another weekly link roundup! This week we have some great articles to share, many of them backed up by research. If you’re looking for an informed look into the state of the job market, you’ll find it here. We’ll look at how job seekers behave, as well as examining the current state of the labor market. Of course, what better way to start than by looking at the numbers from the June job report! […]


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