30 11, 2018

Link Round Up: A Complete Guide for Your Year-End

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We are NEARING the end of November, which means December is only DAYS away. The holidays are some of the best times of the entire year but also can be some of the most chaotic. The good news is, there are ways to getting around the stress! Find out more in this week’s link roundup below, on holiday tips and ending your year on the right foot! […]

6 12, 2017

The Holiday Season Shouldn’t Halt Your Job Search

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December has a reputation as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but some might argue that it is the craziest. Companies are scrambling to prepare for year end, and employees are running around to finish their holiday shopping. Additionally, many employees also take time off and head to warmer climates. This craziness may lead you to believe that it’s a pointless time to apply. While it is a rather busy time of year, it shouldn’t keep you from looking for a new job. We’ll discuss why you shouldn’t halt your search, and the possible benefits of doing so during [...]

2 12, 2016

Link Roundup 12/2/16: Job Search in December, & Boosting Your LinkedIn

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December is an incredibly easy time to pack it up and call it a day in your job search. Most HR departments must be slowing their searches during the holidays, right? Not true, says our first article. Read about why you shouldn’t halt your search in December, and then boost your LinkedIn profile with link #2 to strengthen your search. […]

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