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7 11, 2016

The History of Recruiting

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Over 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar was amassing his Roman army. To bolster his ranks, he decreed that any soldier who could recruit another to their cause, would be receive a bonus equivalent to 30% of their annual pay. This large sum encouraged many soldiers to seek out others to join their ranks. Thus employee referrals were born. Since then, recruiting has come a long way. However, the journey from then to now is incredibly interesting. We’ll follow the recruiting business from it’s humble beginnings to present day. […]

19 09, 2016

Why Work With a Recruiter?

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There are two ways most readers arrive at our blog. Either you click through to it from Walrath Recruiting’s homepage, or find it searching for advice. Either way, you are seeking advice in your job search and career. At some point, you’ve likely asked yourself, “What’s the benefit of working with a recruiter?”. Today, we can answer that question.  […]