11 09, 2017

3 Things To Discuss on Boss / Employee Exchange Day

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Although you may not have heard of it, today is actually a holiday called ‘Boss/Employee Exchange Day’. The idea behind this day is that a boss and their employee swap roles to see what it is like to work in the other’s shoes. Ideally this will give both parties a better idea of their responsibilities and what a day looks like. The goal is to reach a better understanding of the other’s respective roles, and how they can work together. Obviously doing this swap isn’t feasible at most companies, so we’ve come up with an alternative. Instead of swapping, ask [...]

28 09, 2016

Interview Q: What Do You Expect From a Supervisor?

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One of the most influential factors in a job is your immediate supervisor. They affect what, when, and how you do your work. Finding a good fit between you and a manager can greatly help or hurt workplace efficiency. It stands to reason that this is something that will be addressed in a job interview. This question is how companies look for a synergistic fit between manager and employee. We’ll help you answer this question today. […]