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31 10, 2018

How to Avoid Being Professionally Ghosted

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Have you been ghosted in the business world? It’s quite a common nightmare these days! Professional ghosting is when a business contact disappears and becomes unresponsive. This is common from an employer’s standpoint, especially with the rise of technology and email. It’s easy for a candidate to simply stop replying to emails. It’s unfair! Though there is no way to completely limit ghosting, there are helpful ways to hopefully keep candidates engaged. If you’re a candidate reading this, we’ve got some information for you too! Ghosting can happen on both sides of the hiring process! […]

2 04, 2018

5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job (That Aren’t Your Fault)

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Getting rejected during a job search can be incredibly discouraging. Even more so when you had an in person interview. You can start to doubt yourself, and your ability to find a job. Unfortunately too often this causes job seekers to blame themselves. However, there are many forces out of your control that may influence the decision. So if you are rejected as a candidate, it may be because of something completely out of your control. Today, we’ll explore 5 different reasons you may not get the job, that aren’t your fault. […]

15 11, 2017

10 Topics That Are Illegal to Ask About in a Job Interview

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If there is a question that is oddly personal in your next job interview, it may actually be illegal. There are a number of topics that are off limits for employers to ask about during an interview. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission protects employees from being discriminated against based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability. Those topics and a few more are all illegal to ask about during a job interview. We’ll describe each topic, and provide you with a few example questions.  […]

3 11, 2017

Link Roundup: Preparing For a Job Interview

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After being on the job market for a while, finally landing an interview can be an amazing feeling. However, if you don’t take the right steps to prepare, it could fall through. With today’s job market, you have to do more than just ponder how you will answer questions. In this Link Roundup, we’ve gathered the best advice from this week about how you can prepare to ace the job interview. Furthermore we’ve also included a few updates on the state of the job market, and some other career advice. Check out the links below. […]

25 10, 2017

Here’s Why Hiring Managers Will Look At Your Social Media

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If you’re going to job search in today’s digital age, you have to make sure you social media is professional. Employers no longer just check into your background, they also research your social media accounts. With this in mind, it’s best to take a look at them yourself and determine if they are professional enough. However, you may still be wondering why your social media matters to a hiring manager. In today’s blog, we’ll explore why, and  what you should do about it.  […]

3 03, 2017

Link Roundup 3/2/17: Quirky Resumes & Politics at Work

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Today’s group of eclectic links include a wide variety of resources for job seekers and employees! Below you’ll find great advice for dealing with illegal interview questions, delicious resumes, and more! If any of those topics sound interesting to you, read on. We also have some more traditional advice regarding careers and productivity. […]

17 02, 2017

Link Roundup 2/17/17: Help with the Hiring Process

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Welcome back to another Link Roundup! This week the links shared cover most aspects of the hiring process, and there is also some advice on how to be an all star employee. If you need help with salary negotiations, or if you’ve been wondering why your career plan isn’t working, we have the links for you! […]

9 12, 2016

Link Roundup 12/9/16: Best Places to Work & Mistakes to Avoid

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We lead off this Link Roundup with Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2017, and follow it up by some great articles that can help you avoid common job search mistakes. We hope you find the links useful! […]

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