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6 03, 2019

3 Topics to Ask About in a Job Interview

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When a candidate steps into an interview, they expect to be answering the questions. However, there will come a time where the interviewer may open it up for questions for the candidate to ask. Having questions shows genuine interest in the position, and better informs you about the opportunity. In today's blog, we'll break down 3 topics you can easily ask questions about, along with examples on how to ask them. Check them out! The Process Knowing what to expect next is incredibly helpful, especially when all company processes are different. Asking about the timeline allows you to know when [...]

15 06, 2018

Link Roundup: What You Need to Know About the Job Search

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The job search can be a frustrating one, especially when there is so much to keep track of. Every job search is unique based on your skill set and needs. In this week’s roundup we have compiled a list of blogs with great general advice to help you navigate your way through the job search process! […]

27 12, 2017

7 Things You Should Do the Night Before a Job Interview

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It’s impossible to not be excited when you finally land an interview. However, it can be hard to differentiate the excitement from the stress and nervousness. Being nervous for the opportunity can sometimes cause you to forget things, or to not be prepared the morning of. With that in mind we’ve put together this handy list of tasks you can do the night before to prepare. Follow these steps and you’ll have much less to worry about the morning of your job interview! […]

21 04, 2017

Link Roundup 4/20/17: Job Search Stories

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This week we have some great articles that share the stories of other job seekers. While it’s great to get advice from professionals doing the hiring, sometimes having another job seeker share their own experiences can give great perspective. Below we’ve grabbed a few of our favorite articles and stories this week, so read on! […]

12 09, 2016

Interviews: How to Dress for Success

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Interviews can be the most nerve racking part of the hiring process as a candidate. Meeting face to face with the hiring manager is the test that will show if you are truly qualified. Obviously, you don’t want anything to detract you from looking like the best possible candidate. While most candidates are well prepared, some fail to think of the most obvious influencing factor: clothes. How you dress is always the first impression you make. Thus, it’s incredibly important you get it right. […]