31 07, 2017

3 Topics to Ask Questions About in a Job Interview

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When every candidate steps into an interview, they expect to be answering the questions. That is the whole purpose of the interview after all! A job seeker can expect to be in the hot seat for most of the interview. However, there will come a time towards the end where the interviewer may open it up for questions. A good candidate will come prepared to not only answer questions, but to ask them as well. This shows genuine interest in the position, and better informs you about the opportunity. In today’s blog, we’ll break down 3 topics you can easily [...]

26 07, 2017

How to Avoid An Awkward Interview

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It’s important to plan ahead for an interview, and cover all the essentials. Do your research, dress appropriately, and come with questions prepared. These steps are mostly common knowledge. However, it is possible that by trying to do right, you do wrong. For example, it’s important to maintain eye contact with your interviewer- but you don’t want to stare them down. It’s very possible to overdo it, so today we’ll be talking about the best way to avoid any awkwardness in your next job interview.  […]

24 03, 2017

Link Roundup 3/24/17: Keeping Your Career Fresh

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This week’s Link Roundup is all about keeping your career fresh. If you don’t make an effort to seek out new opportunities and skills, you may find yourself unhappy in your job. Check out the links below for great job search tips, and advice on moving your career forward. […]

27 07, 2016

Interview Q: What Are Your Professional Strengths?

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A few weeks ago we discussed confronting an interview question about your weaknesses. Now, it’s time to talk about the inverse: your professional strengths. Whereas a question about weakness could act as a trap, strengths are a different story. This question is more akin to a gentle volleyball set up for you to spike home for a point. Read on to you can make sure your answer lands in bounds. […]