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21 02, 2018

The Best Way to Ask for a Job

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Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as simple as asking someone for a job, and then sitting down for an interview? It would certainly be much easier than submitting a resume to a dozen different companies, and then waiting to hear back. Unfortunately, that’s not how the hiring process works. Thankfully, there is a way around that- if you play your cards right. We’ll explain the best way to ask someone for a job, and how you can make it work for you. Read on! […]

30 08, 2017

5 Unique Ways to Evaluate a Job Opportunity

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When it comes time to seriously consider a job opportunity, it’s easy to get tunnel vision. Many candidates get caught up thinking about, company size, and their responsibilities. These are all important considerations to take into account, but there are others things you should factor in. In today’s blog we’ll be discussing a few different tactics to evaluate a job offer that you may not have thought of. Check them out below! […]

18 01, 2017

What Not to Do: Take the First Job Offer You Get

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Depending on the situation, you can reach a certain level of desperation in your job search. However, it’s important not to just accept the first job offer you receive. You may feel the urge to accept because it comes with a paycheck, but that shouldn’t be good enough for you. There are a number of other things you should consider beyond just a paycheck. We’ll discuss those other factors and why they’re important after the break. […]


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