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18 02, 2019

What to Do When You Get Multiple Job Offers

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Receiving multiple job offers can seem both exciting and overwhelming. You feel accomplished, yet you also feel torn. How do you make a choice? How do you make the right choice? What are the components you should consider to assist you in making a decision at all? We have a few tips for you to help you out, check them out! […]

24 09, 2018

5 Tips for Remote Job Interviews

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Remote interviews have been on the rise with the increase of technology usage. Job-seekers now have the liberty to interview with hiring managers and companies without having to physically be there. Unfortunately, not all companies will do this, but most will. This is great when you’re applying for opportunities in other states and can’t travel there. Check out 5 tips to prepare yourself for a remote job interview below. […]

21 09, 2018

Link Roundup: How to Answer These Common Interview Questions

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The most common interview questions are often the toughest to answer. As someone who has little interview experience, going into a job interview can be nerve-racking. Preparation is important and being aware of these common interview questions is great. A tip for success would be to practice interviewing for a job either with a friend or solo and answering some of the questions mentioned in the articles below. You’ll certainly feel more confident! […]

31 08, 2018

Link Roundup: How to Succeed in an Interview

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Job interviews can be a stressful experience. How do you prepare? How do you set yourself apart from the other applicants? How do you get the time off to interview if you’re currently employed? Well, all the answers to these questions and more can be found in this week’s link roundup! Check out the links below. […]

13 07, 2016

Interview Q: Why Should We Hire You?

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It’s highly likely that a job candidate will be caught off guard with this question. It’s a question that is incredibly straightforward and blunt. Answering it is easy, if you’ve been given the proper preparations and had some time to think. In this blog post we’ll detail how you should present yourself as the perfect candidate for the job when hit with this question. […]

22 06, 2016

Interview Q: How Do You Stay Organized?

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How do you stay organized? This isn’t an extremely common interview question, but the reason it is asked is similar to many others. The interviewer is directly asking how you keep yourself organized. However the way you answer will give them a better idea of if you are able to prioritize and complete tasks on time. The interviewer doesn’t care for specifics. What they really want to know is if you are taking necessary steps to be productive every day. […]

6 06, 2016

You’ve Graduated, What’s Next?

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If you’re reading this, it means you’ve likely graduated college recently, so congratulations! You worked through the long nights, balanced your social and student life, and managed to get passing marks. These are all fantastic achievements! Riding the wave of success can be extremely beneficial to hit the ground running in the job market. When many graduates begin looking for job opportunities, they’re unsure of where to start, and failing to be proactive right away can be a big misstep if you’re someone who is easily caught in a lazy daily routine.  […]

1 06, 2016

Interview Q: What is Your Greatest Professional Weakness?

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Undoubtedly, this question will have to be covered, as it is one of the questions most feared by interviewees. Many interviewers want to get a feel for where your strengths and weaknesses lie. They understand that you are in the interview to speak to your strengths. This means to learn about your weaknesses, they will usually ask a question like, “What do you consider your greatest professional weakness?”. For a number of reasons it is a tough question to answer, because you have to be honest (as always) but you also don’t want to set off a red flag in the [...]

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