17 04, 2019

11 Ways You’re Being Negative (Without Even Realizing It)

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Life isn't always going to be positive and it's not always going to go as planned. We have bad days, get in bad moods and feel sorry for ourselves at times. However, when it starts to become a habit, we may not even realize it's happening. All of a sudden it seems like overnight we're thinking negatively, we're talking negatively to ourselves and negative things keep happening to us. But this isn't a coincidence. When we focus on the negative, the negative grows. Unsure if this is you or not? Find out below. 1. Being Attracted to Drama Do you [...]

27 06, 2018

8 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude at Work

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A positive attitude goes further than just a smile and happy thoughts! Negative attitudes in the workplace can cause a ripple of problems. Maintaining positivity and shining it on others has the ability to increase focus and productivity. Remember these tips the next time stress or a heavy workload is getting the best of you! […]


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