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28 06, 2017

Why Just Applying Won’t Get You A Job Anymore

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Years ago, you could walk your resume into a business establishment, and expect to get a call back in a few days. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. A wealth of qualified applicants combined with online job boards have changed the game. Now, simply sending in a resume and applying will no longer get you a job. You have to be determined, smart, and utilize other channels to see true results in a job search.  […]

25 07, 2016

What is LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is an incredibly popular professional social networking tool that is used by millions of workers across the globe. In it’s most basic form, it acts as a virtual resume, which exists for potential employers to see. At this point the site is so popular if you’ve been searching for a job, you likely already have an account. However, if you’re holding out from using it, or just haven’t heard of it, read on. We’ll explain the benefits of using the social platform below. […]

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